Cop Accused Of Drinking During Off-Duty Job FiredA Miami Beach cop accused of being intoxicated, in uniform, while working off-duty at a South Beach night club is now out of a job.
Fake Cop Reportedly Wanted Discounted DoughnutsA Florida man with a desire for discounted doughnuts is facing charges that he impersonated a law enforcement officer.
Report: Speeding Cop Fired Last Year Wants Job BackA Miami Police officer who was fired for speeding while in his patrol car now wants his old job back.
Former Sweetwater Cop Who Killed 9 Asks For Stay Of ExecutionA former Sweetwater cop is scheduled to die Tuesday.
Miami Beach Police Nab Alleged Burglar & Possible Cop ImpersonatorMiami Beach Police say they have arrested a career criminal who is accused of burglary and possible police impersonation.
The Life Of FDLE's Top Female Cop She's made headlines and history. She's a top cop whose undercover career helped take down drug dealers, money launderers and pimps.
Police Investigate Shooting Involving Retired BSO DeputyPolice are investigating a shooting in Miami Lakes outside a Haagen Dazs ice cream shop which involved a retired BSO deputy.
Top News Stories Of 2011As 2011 draws to a close, it could only mean one of many things, besides whipping out that New Years resolutions list. It's time for another year in review as we begin our top stories of 2011 coming out of Florida, especially here at home in South Florida.
Ft. Lauderdale Cop Charged With 'Delivering' DrugsA Fort Lauderdale Police officer was arrested by members of his own department after police said he gave drugs to an informant of the department while on duty.
Execution Date Set For Convicted Coral Gables Cop Killer The state has set the execution date of a man who killed a Coral Gables police officer more than three decades ago.
Palm Beach Deputy Dragged By Motorcyclist During Traffic StopA dash camera video released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office shows a deputy being dragged into traffic on the back of a motorcycle.