Cool Front Drops South Florida's Temps, But Not For LongIt's finally feeling a little more like January across South Florida Thursday morning.
First Fall Cold Front Coming This WeekendTired of South Florida's steamed heat and relentless rain? You are in for a treat this weekend.
Wet Weather Ahead Of Cool FrontThere's a wide variety of choices on our weather menu through the weekend. Ahead of a cool front heading our way, we have a good chance for showers and even a few thunderstorms on Thursday.
Super Sunday Weather It has been perfect weekend weather around South Florida and the stretch of nice weather continues right on into this week.
Thursday Will Stay Soggy, Friday Will Be Better While meteorologists may describe Thursday’s weather ‘mostly cloudy with a 100 percent chance of showers’, South Floridians and tourists alike describe it as ‘yucky’.
Santa To Arrive With Cooler TemperaturesIt was a foggy morning across South Florida Tuesday with some areas waking up to visibility down to a mile or less.
Cold Fronts Set To Send Mercury PlummetingSome wet weather rolling across South Florida Wednesday morning lead to slick conditions in spots with temperatures hovering in the low 70's. That pattern of spotty showers will continue throughout the day Wednesday as a cold front slides to our South.
Near Record Warmth Expected Across South FloridaIf you've looked at the thermometer in the last few days, you know it's feeling a lot more like summer than winter across the area. But things are changing over the next few days.
Warm Now But Temps About To TumbleSouth Florida is in for a mixed bag of weather as we head into the big holiday weekend which includes a major drop in degrees.
Picture Perfect New Year's Weather Then Bundle UpFor the best New Year’s weather in the nation, look no further than South Florida.
Chilly Now, Warmer Later, Then ColdIt was a chilly morning across South Florida with the low 50s inland and the mid to upper 50s near the coast. Temperatures would have fallen even more if not for the cloud coverage that rolled in overnight.