Florida Deputy Delivers Baby After Pulling Over Speeding CarA deputy in Naples pulled over a car for speeding and ended up delivering a baby instead of writing a ticket.
Gator In The Gulf Caught On VideoAn American alligator was seen swimming off the shore in the Gulf around Vanderbilt Beach on Wednesday morning.
Red Drift Algae Washing Ashore On Naples BeachWhile South Florida beachgoers are having to deal with loads of sargassum seaweed in the water and on the beach, on state's west coast there's a big effort to get rid of red algae that is washing ashore.
Giant Alligator Wrangled On Florida RoadwayWhat do you do when you see a ten and a half foot alligator in the middle of the road? Get out of the way and call an expert trapper.
Man Allegedly Threatened To Shoot Up Ex-Girlfriend's SchoolCollier County deputies say a Texas man drove to Naples and sent his ex-girlfriend numerous text messages, threatening to kidnap her, kill her parents, and shoot up her school.
Tyler Perry To Make Announcement On Missing Florida MenFilmmaker Tyler Perry will make an announcement Tuesday about two men who disappeared almost 15 years ago after they were picked up by sheriff's deputy in Collier County.
Man Steps Outside, Finds Bear Standing Next To HimA man says he stepped outside to let his dog out and then noticed a bear standing next to him.
Brush Fires Lead To Mandatory Evacuation Order In Collier CountyTwo brush fires in Collier County have led to mandatory evacuations, burn bans and children being moved to other schools.
Mandatory Evacuations Ongoing As Fire In Collier County Continues To GrowSix thousand acres are burning in Collier County, forcing the evacuations of homes and closing the western end of I-75.
Florida Man Accused Of Killing Mom In Home They SharedThe 30-year-old southwest Florida man is accused of killing his mother inside the mobile home they shared.
Death Investigations In Miami & Collier Co. Appear To Be Triple Murder SuicideA death investigation in Miami may be connected to three bodies which were found in a car in remote Collier County on Thursday.