$4.6B Plan Outlined To Protect Miami From Climate ImpactsThe feds are proposing a $4.6 billion plan to protect the low-lying Miami area from the effects of climate change, including the construction of miles of sea walls.
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Pledges Billions To Fight Climate ChangeThe world's richest man is pledging ten billion dollars to fight climate change.
Climate Change Poses Threats To Future Super Bowls In MiamiThis weekend's forecast for the Super Bowl is just plain 'super', but looking down the line, dark clouds are forming for future games in South Florida.
Florida Creates Task Force On Sea-Level RiseState lawmakers have created a task force that will investigate how best to protect Florida's 1,350 miles of coastline amid rising sea levels.
It's A First, South Florida Town Sets Up "Resilience Fund" For Climate ChangeLooking to the future, the town of Surfside is believed to the first US town or city to create a fund that will be used to help residents impacted by climate change.
‘The Keys Are Not Going To Save Everybody’: Officials Could Let Roads, Homes Be Swallowed Up By Rising SeaThere are troubled waters on the horizon for the Florida Keys. Monroe County made a shocking announcement Wednesday that some roads and homes may be surrendered to the sea. It's all because of sea level rise.
‘City Will Go Underwater’: Young Activists Push Miami Commissioners To Pass Climate EmergencyThere is brand new talk about what could be a climate emergency in South Florida, and its young people leading the charge to get adults to take action.
Florida GOP Lawmakers Focus On Climate ChangeFlorida lawmakers Monday dug into issues involving climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, phrases mostly kept under wraps by state Republican leaders before last year’s elections.
Miami Proud: Artist Xavier Cortada Uses Interactive Art Rooted In Climate Change AwarenessArt and science come together in a Miami man’s project aimed at preventing climate change.
UN Scientists Release Climate Change Report & It’s Bleak For South FloridaScientists with the United Nations Wednesday released their most alarming report yet on climate change.
Miami Mayor Testified Before UN Global Commission On Climate AdaptationOne day before the United Nations released its new climate change report, Miami's mayor was in New York to talk about what his city was doing to prepare for rising seas and more potent storms.