Miami Beach Climate Change Plan Would See Iconic Palm Trees Swapped Out For Canopy TreesThe city of Miami Beach is looking ahead in hopes of solving some of their climate change concerns.
Property Developer’s Plan Would Dramatically Redesign Coastal Waterfront Off Biscayne BayConcerns about sea level rising and the impacts to Miami-Dade County got a huge boost this week, as a private company stepped up and hired an engineering firm to help come up with solutions to the problem.
From Asthma To Premature Births: Pediatricians Seeing Impacts Of Climate Change In ChildrenThe American Academy of Pediatrics calls climate change one of the top health threats to children around the world.
‘There’s No Vaccine For The Climate Crisis’: Environmental Group Hopes For Statewide Policy Action As President Biden Outlines National Plan“Our main economic engines, tourism and agriculture sectors, will be tremendously impacted.” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, executive director of The CLEO Institute.
Republican Leaders In Florida House, Senate Look At Climate Change PlansPlanning work to address flooding from rising sea levels, similar to how the state maps out road and bridge projects for five years, is being considered by the new Republican leaders of the Florida House and Senate.
Report: Florida's Coral Reefs Among Most Damaged In U.S.A new report sounds an alarm on challenges with the nation’s ecosystem including a major decline in coral reefs around Florida.
‘Heat Of Florida Will Kill Many More’: Rep. Donna Shalala Compares Threat Of Climate Change To COVID CrisisClimate change and concerns over global warming took center stage Wednesday at the Frost Science Museum in Downtown Miami.
Florida Takes Step To Protect Coasts From Rising Sea LevelsA new Florida law now requires public coastal construction projects to first be reviewed for impacts on the state's fragile seashore because of rising sea levels.
$4.6B Plan Outlined To Protect Miami From Climate ImpactsThe feds are proposing a $4.6 billion plan to protect the low-lying Miami area from the effects of climate change, including the construction of miles of sea walls.
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Pledges Billions To Fight Climate ChangeThe world's richest man is pledging ten billion dollars to fight climate change.
Climate Change Poses Threats To Future Super Bowls In MiamiThis weekend's forecast for the Super Bowl is just plain 'super', but looking down the line, dark clouds are forming for future games in South Florida.