Chipotle Goes From Burritos To BurgersMove over burrito bowls! Chipotle plans on getting into burgers.
Chipotle Closed Monday Morning, Workers Get Food Safety LectureIf you were planning on getting lunch at a Chipotle Mexican Grill today, you better have a plan B.
McDonald's To Switch To Cage-Free Eggs Over Next DecadeMcDonald's says they plan to switch to cage-free eggs in the next decade.
Chipotle To Offer Sick Days, Paid Vacation To Hourly WorkersChipotle Mexican Grill will soon offer its entry level, hourly employees some of the same perks its salaried workers get.
Pepsi Looking To Launch 'Craft' Fountain SodasPepsi is attempting to appeal to people who are against big soda brands by launching a line of "craft" fountain sodas made with sugar.
Tyson Foods Hopes To Rid US Chicken Of Antibiotics By 2017Tyson foods wants to make its chicken antibiotic free by September 2017.
Chipotle Removes All GMO Ingredients From Its FoodIt's a first for a major restaurant chain. Chipotle says it it now GMO-free.
WWE's Daniel Bryan Says 'Yes!' To ChipotleFormer WWE champion Daniel Bryan wrestles all year long all over the world. Good eating habits are critical, and very hard to maintain.
Chipotle To Raise Its Prices Your Chipotle burrito, bowl or tacos may cost you more in the coming weeks.
Chick-Fil-A To Use Chicken Without Antibiotics A popular quick-serve chicken restaurant is opting to serve only chicken raised without antibiotics.
Exclusive: Cameras Capture Thieves Stealing $200k In Medical EquipmentSouth Miami Police are appealing for the public’s help to find two men who stole $200,000 worth of medical equipment from a victim’s truck. Police hope that new surveillance tape they are releasing will lead to the capture of the criminals.