Not A UFO, Bright Light Was Rocket Launch From Cape CanaveralWe have lift off.
SpaceX Sends Supply Capsule Stocked With Nickelodeon's Green Slime To Astronauts At International Space StationA SpaceX Dragon capsule vaulted into orbit Thursday carrying an eclectic batch of supplies destined for the International Space Station.
SpaceX Launch To Include Capsule Containing Nickelodeon's Green SlimeNickelodeon's green slime will soon ooze its way onto the International Space Station.
Vice President Mike Pence Joins 50th Anniversary Celebration Of Moon Landing At Kennedy Space Center50 years ago our universe got just a little bit smaller when Neil Armstrong took that giant leap for mankind and set foot on the moon.
SpaceX Falcon Heavy Blasted Off From Cape Canaveral, Successful Third MissionThe triple-core SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off overnight on its third, and most complex, mission.
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Will Launch Bill Nye's Science Experiment Into OrbitA SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket is standing on a pad in Florida ready to make the "most difficult launch" the rocket company has ever attempted.
SpaceX Rocket Boosts Internet Relay Satellites Into OrbitLighting up the night sky with a streak of fiery exhaust, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket thundered away from Cape Canaveral Thursday evening.
Florida Launch Of SpaceX Rocket Set For Thursday NightSpaceX is hoping the second time will be the charm to launch a Falcon 9 rocket on a mission to deploy 60 Starlink internet relay satellites.
SpaceX Launches Supplies To Space Station After Power DelaysIt took a little longer than expected, but SpaceX finally got their latest expedition into space on track.
SpaceX Crew Capsule 'Destroyed' During Testing SpaceX has confirmed that Crew Dragon capsule that was engulfed in flames during ground testing two weeks ago was destroyed.
SpaceX Crew Capsule Fire During Florida Testing Is Major SetbackSpaceX plan to launch NASA astronauts into orbit later this year has suffered a serious setback.