A Better Chance For A BabyMillions of babies are born using in-vitro fertilization every year. Now, new technology airms to give even more parents a chance at conceiving their baby. AsCBS4's Rhiannon Ally shows us, I-V-F Florida is one of a dozen or so centers in the U.S. using a machine called the embryoscope and they say this machine could be a game changer for I-V-F.
Camera Usage May Be Messing With Your MemorySmartphones have made snapping pictures of anything and everything easier than ever before. But the constant snapping of photos of everything from food to priceless moments with family could come at a price to your memory.
New Bill Would Turn Off Red Light CamerasSince its inception, red light cameras have been a hot topic among politicians and drivers all across the state of Florida. Now, a House Republican has filed a bill that would repeal the state laws that authorized the red light cameras at intersections across the state.
New Red Light Camera Laws In Place MondayStarting Monday, drivers have a new, less expensive option to fight red light camera tickets. But don’t celebrate too soon, because the existing laws are also getting tougher on some drivers.
Best Photography Classes In South FloridaThis "Best Of" list offers the best places in South Florida to enroll in a photography class and take photos like a pro, even if it's only a hobby.
Hollywood Firefighters' Vehicles Burglarized At StationFive firefighters simply doing their jobs returned to Station 45 Wednesday morning to find their vehicles burglarized.
The Mystery Symbols Inside the Barahona's House of HorrorsThey are the mysterious symbols inside a house of horrors. Now CBS4's Gio Benitez tries to unravel what they meant to Jorge and Carmen Barahona. Could the icons and gestures explain the murder, torture and abuse of their children?
CBS Investigates: Who's Watching You?The CBS hit drama "Person of Interest" certainly has the interest of those who love suspense based on cutting edge technology. But how much of it is real? CBS4 Investigates decided to track those who can track you and discovered that these days fiction isn't that far from reality.
Red Light Cameras A Catch-22 For CitiesRed light cameras were supposed to be a combination of watchdog and cash cows for cities that installed them. But, it turns out that cities like Miami which counted on millions in fines are out of luck.
Red-Light Cameras To Be Installed At Coral Springs Intersections In just about two weeks Coral Springs will install cameras at two busy intersections: Riverside Drive and University Drive, and Riverside Drive and Sample Road to catch drivers who run red lights
State Senator Seeks Repeal Of Red Light Camera BillOne state senator wants to remove all red light cameras from state roads by July under a new bill, according to the News Service of Florida.