Man Stole Purse, Hit Two Women With CarA man who reportedly hit two women in a Walmart parking lot with his car after he stole one of their purses remains locked up.
Woman Accused Of Breaking Into South Florida Police Substation, Eating Food From FridgeBoynton Beach police say a woman was arrested after they say she broke into a police substation, ate food and left her wallet at the scene.
Man Claims "The Devil" Made Him Push Grandma, Cut Child With KnifeA Boynton Beach man who pushed his grandmother to the floor and cut a young child on the lip with a knife reportedly told police "the devil" made him do it.
Police Dog Involved In Over 200 Arrests Has Died A Boynton Beach police dog credited with taking part in more than 200 criminal arrests has died.
Police Lend Hand In Finding Motivational Speaker's Missing ArmA motivational speaker who had battled with his insurance company to get a $150,000 prosthetic arm was devastated when he discovered it stolen from his pickup truck parked at his girlfriend's apartment complex.
Caretakers At Assisted Living Facility Accused Of Using Duct Tape On PatientTwo caretakers at a Boynton Beach assisted living facility are facing serious charges Friday.
6 Weeks Later, Detectives Still Working To ID Floating BabyAuthorities are looking to bring some closure to this extremely sad story.
Young Girl Found In Boynton Beach By Good Samaritan, Brought To PoliceA young girl was found alone on the street but has since been reunited with her mother.
Pedestrian Killed By Brightline Train In Boynton Beach Boynton Beach Police said Friday that a pedestrian was killed when he was hit by a Brightline train.
Florida Authorities Say Teens Arrested For School Shooting ThreatsThreats against schools are always taken seriously, a lesson that a pair of Florida teens are learning the hard way.
Police: 2 Killed In Confrontation Over Drug Debt In FloridaThe wheels of justice don’t stop turning just because it’s a holiday.