Scientists: Lack Of Oxygen Levels Lead To Massive Fish Kill In Biscayne BayFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission scientists have concluded that low dissolved oxygen levels were spurred by high temperatures and heavy rainfall which are common during the summer months.
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Asks Businesses To Stop Pesticide Sales In Effort To Fix Biscayne Bay Fish KillMiami Mayor Francis Suarez said it will take a regional approach to fix what led to the fish kill in Biscayne Bay.
FWC Concludes Low Dissolved Oxygen Levels In Biscayne Bay Led To Massive Fish KillState environmental scientists have determined that a fish kill in Biscayne Bay last week was caused by low dissolved oxygen (low DO) in the water.
‘This Is An Urgent Emergency’: Miami Commissioner Ken Russell Calls On Volunteers To Help With Biscayne Bay Fish KillCrews and volunteers worked Sunday to clean up the dead fish that continue to brush up along the shoreline of Biscayne Bay. Water experts say is happening due to the lack of oxygen.
Miami Mayor Takes 'Emergency Steps' To Address Fish Kill In Biscayne Bay & Miami-Dade Fireboats Try To Oxygenate The WaterMiami Mayor Francis Suarez is taking steps to address the recent fish kill in Biscayne Bay while Miami-Dade County uses its fireboats from PortMiami to try and oxygenate the water.
Biscayne Bay Fish Kill Attributed To Lack Of Oxygen In The WaterLittle to no oxygen in Biscayne Bay has led to a massive fish kill. Now experts are working on a solution but it's only for the short-term.
'Unprecedented' Biscayne Bay Fish Kill Creates Rancid Smell Along Waterway ShorelinesA mysterious fish with dead and rotting fishing in Biscayne Bay has created a terrible rancid smell for residents and businesses nearby.
'It's Just Nasty': FWC Investigating Biscayne Bay Fish Kill & Residents Are ConcernedFlorida Fish and Wildlife researchers are monitoring Biscayne Bay after thousands of fish were found dead in the water on Tuesday morning.
Man Finds Dog Missing For Nearly Half A Day In The Middle Of Biscayne BayA miracle rescue in Biscayne Bay after a pet missing for many hours turned up in the water, alive and OK.
VIDEO: Giant Burmese Python Captured Swimming In Biscayne BayAnother one of South Florida’s most aggressive invasive species is making headlines after being discovered swimming in Biscayne Bay.
Visiting Stiltsville: How These Buildings Survived In The Middle Of Biscayne Bay For Nearly A CenturyAfter several natural disasters, and disagreements about what to do with it, a cluster of buildings in the middle of Biscayne Bay known as Stiltsville is still around.