Section Of Biscayne Bay Is A 'Nursery' For Baby Hammerhead SharksResearchers at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami have discovered that a small section of Biscayne Bay appears to be a nursery for juvenile great hammerhead sharks.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill To Create Biscayne Bay CommissionA bill creating a nine-member commission focused on restoring Biscayne Bay was signed into law Thursday by Gov. Ron DeSantis during a ceremony alongside the South Florida water body.
Lawmakers Target Biscayne Bay WoesA commission made up of local, state and federal officials would oversee efforts to stave off the environmental decline of Biscayne Bay, under a legislative proposal filed Monday.
‘There’s No Vaccine For The Climate Crisis’: Environmental Group Hopes For Statewide Policy Action As President Biden Outlines National Plan“Our main economic engines, tourism and agriculture sectors, will be tremendously impacted.” said Yoca Arditi-Rocha, executive director of The CLEO Institute.
City Of Miami & Nature Conservancy Receive $400K Grant To Protect Biscayne BayOn the same day President Biden laid out his agenda on climate change, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced a partnership to help restore a stretch of shoreline along Biscayne Bay.
Miami-Dade County’s Chief Bay Officer Irela Baqué Asks Everyone To Do Their Part In Keeping Biscayne Bay CleanDead fish, little to no oxygen, trash, and sewer leaks. Those are just some of the recent problems in Biscayne Bay. Now, there is the main point person to help keep those issues at bay.
$20 Million Restoration Plan For Biscayne Bay A Promising ‘First Step’ Says Miami WaterkeeperIn a year marred by massive fish kills, local and state leaders are taking, what some consider, long overdue action to address the problems facing Biscayne Bay.
Gov. Ron DeSantis Says State Will Help Pay To Protect Biscayne BayGov. Ron DeSantis has announced the state will use a pool of environmental money to help Miami-Dade County protect Biscayne Bay from continued degradation.
No Swim Advisory Lifted For Portions Of Biscayne BayMiami-Dade County officials announced Saturday the lifting of the no-swim advisory issued on November 20th for portions of Biscayne Bay.
No Swim Advisory Issued For Parts Of Biscayne Bay Due To Leak In Wastewater PipeAuthorities have issued a no-swim advisory for parts of Biscayne Bay following the leak of a 16-inch wastewater pipe.
Facing South Florida: The Biscayne Bay Fish KillThe sight of dozens of dead fish along the shore of Biscayne Bay in Miami is revealing the depths of the problem in the water.