Jordan's Wife Gives Birth To Twin Daughters Michael Jordan's wife, Yvette, has given birth to the couple's identical twin daughters, Jordan's spokeswoman Estee Portnoy told The Associated Press.
Rush Hour Takes Unexpected Turn For Expectant MotherA drive down the Dolphin Expressway during Thursday’s evening rush hour turned into an unforgettable experience for one local woman.
Mom Charged With Neglect In Child's Death Gives Birth AgainCharged with neglect in the death of one of her children, Brittney Sierra has given birth again.
Baby Born In Car After Crash, But There Was A TwinA South Florida mother is recovering at the hospital Friday after giving birth to one of her two twins in a car, after she was involved in an accident on the way to the hospital.
Woman Gives Birth In Jackson South LobbySecurity cameras at Jackson South Community Hospital caught something on video Wednesday, but it wasn't a criminal.
Photographer Captures Baby's Birth Outside HospitalAs veteran photojournalists, Joe Cavaretta and his wife Amy Bennett are used to being calm under pressure, but neither of the two expected they would become the 'headline' when their second daughter Sienna Grace arrived on the sidewalk just feet from the front doors of Boca Raton Regional Hospital.
Attorney Hired For Woman Who Went Into Premature Labor After AccidentAn unfortunate chain of events caused a Coca-Cola tractor-trailer to crash into a home off Ives Dairy Road near I-95 earlier this month, sending a pregnant woman inside the home into labor.
New Device Promotes Safer C-SectionsA new device, called the CSafe, is promising to virtually eliminate fetal lacerations during a Cesarean delivery.
Father Helps Deliver Baby In Car Along I-95A unique kind of call had Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews busy early Tuesday morning when they helped deliver a baby born in a car along I-95 in North Miami Dade.
Zoo Miami Adds Big BabyThere’s a new addition to the animal kingdom at Zoo Miami. The newborn giraffe weighs more, and is taller, than the average man and has been “looooong” awaited.
White House Changes Contraception RuleJust days after the White House announced plans to force insurers to pay for birth control; the Obama Administration announced additional rules that will pacify religious groups that oppose birth control.