Florida, FPL Sending More Than Half A Million Bottles Of Water To The BahamasFlorida and the state’s largest electric utility are sending more than a half-million bottles of water to storm-ravaged parts of the Bahamas.
Search And Rescue Teams On Abaco Combing Through Debris, Recovering BodiesThe Bahamian government continues to struggle to house thousands of displaced people who are arriving in the capital city of Nassau from some of the hardest-hit islands.
Hurricane Dorian Survivors Struggle To Start New Life In BahamasHurricane Dorian survivors in the Bahamas are filing off boats and planes in Nassau, facing the need to start new lives after the storm but with little ideas on how or where to begin.
Best Way To Help The Bahamas Is To Visit ThemWith relief and recovery efforts are focused on The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island, what many people may not realize is that a majority of the Bahamas, including 14 of the most commonly visited islands, remains unaffected by the storm.
Acting Customs Chief: Bahamians Trying To Enter US Will Be Reviewed On "Case By Case" BasisThousands of Bahamians are looking to come to the US to escape the devastation brought by Hurricane Dorian.
DHS Releases New Guidance On Rules For Bahamians Trying To Reach USThe Department of Homeland Security released new guidance rules Monday night for Bahamians trying to reach the United States.
South Florida Firefighters Doing All They Can In Bahamas To Help Hurricane Dorian VictimsFirefighters from various agencies in South Florida are helping out in Nassau with those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
US Government Working To Clarify Immigration Policy After Dozens Of Bahamian Families Booted Off FerryThe U.S. government is working to clarify immigration policy after dozens of families on their way to Florida from the hurricane-ravaged Bahamas were booted off a ferry.
South Florida Aid Pours Into Bahamas As Displaced Islanders Try To Get OutWhile help and supplies are pouring in, many in the hardest-hit parts of the Bahamas are just trying to get out.
Dogs In Need Of Forever Homes Arrive In Florida From The BahamasDogs left without shelter by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas are arriving in Florida in need of homes.
South Florida Hurricane Aid, Volunteers Being Sent To Hurricane Ravaged BahamasBy air and by sea, supplies and volunteers from South Florida continue to head to the Hurricane Dorian ravaged northern Bahamas
Nearly 1,500 Hurricane Dorian Victims Evacuated Out Of Bahamas On Cruise To West Palm BeachNearly 1,500 people escaped the desperate situation in the Bahamas on a cruise to Florida.
Bahamians Sticking It Out In One Of The Towns Most Ravaged By Hurricane DorianDespite the severe devastation that includes destroyed cars and broken power lines, some Bahamians are sticking it out in one of the most ravaged towns.
Facing South Florida: State Rep. Shevrin Jones Talks Rebuilding Bahamas After Hurricane DorianState Rep. Shevrin Jones sat down with "Facing South Florida" host Jim DeFede to discuss what must be done to rebuild the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.
Cruise Line Offers Free Evacuations To Those On Grand Bahama IslandFlorida-based Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines is offering Bahamians stranded by Hurricane Dorian a way home.