Blood Moon Rising: Total Lunar Eclipse To Be Visible In South FloridaAnyone looking to the sky early Wednesday morning will get to see a lunar eclipse but set those alarms early.
Total Lunar Eclipse To Be Visible In South FloridaThe celestial event’s best viewing time will be between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. Wednesday, October 8.
Season For Meteor Showers Just Days AwayThe summertime brings a great chance for stargazers to catch meteor showers.
Comet Making Closest Approach Ever Of Earth Stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere finally get to see a recently discovered comet because its closer to Earth than its ever been before.
Capt. Kirk's 'Vulcan' Top Name For New Pluto Moons An online vote to name Pluto's two newest, itty-bitty moons is over. And the winner is Vulcan, a name suggested by actor William Shatner, who played Capt. Kirk in the original "Star Trek" TV series.
Contest Seeks Underworldly Names For 2 Pluto Moons Pluto’s two tiniest moons need a name and you can help, but you’ll need to dig deep into mythology.
Astronomers Keep Eyes To The Sky At Fla. Keys Winter Star PartyHundreds of professional and amateur astronomers are aiming their telescopes on southern constellations, stars, planets and even the International Space Station in the lower Florida Keys.
NASA Releases First Hi-Res Images From Mars RoverNASA has released the first full-resolution images from Curiosity, which arrived on Mars late Sunday after an eight-month commute from Earth.
Lower Keys Hosts Winter Star PartyWith stars in their eyes and a sea breeze at their backs, nearly 600 professional and amateur have gathered in the lower Florida Keys for the 28th annual Winter Star Party.
Dazzling Spectacle In The SkyBe sure to look to the sky next week for an amazing celestial show.