A Look At FBI Comey's Decisions In The Clinton Email CaseThe FBI's announcement that it recently came upon new emails that may pertain to the Hillary Clinton email investigation has raised more questions than answers.
Clinton Tries To Quell Resurgent Email Issue Late In RaceFor more than a year, Hillary Clinton has been a reluctant participant in the private email controversy that has dogged her campaign, responding defensively to inquiries — and often only when there's a political imperative to do so.
Anthony Weiner Featured In Museum Of SexMayoral candidate Anthony Weiner figures prominently in an exhibition at New York's Museum of Sex.
Villains Of The YearI don't know about you, but I look forward to all the year-end lists.
Sexting Scandal Inspires Anthony Weiner DollAmerica’s obsession with Weinergate is growing. An online action figure company has jumped on the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal bandwagon with a doll of the New York congressman in two versions: censored and uncensored.
Wasserman Schultz: Giffords Making "Remarkable" ProgressA U.S. Representative from South Florida said one of her closest friends in Congress is making "remarkable progress" from her shooting in January.
West Fires Intern For Re-TweetIn the aftermath of Representative Anthony Weiner’s transgressions, one would think members of Congress would watch their Twitter accounts a little more carefully. But an intern for Rep. Allen West didn’t heed the example.
What Constitutes Cheating On Someone?By now, almost everyone has heard about the scandal that erupted around Congressman Anthony Weiner sending lewd pictures of himself via Twitter. But a bigger question is now being asked over whether or not sexting via phone or social networking is actually cheating.