Animal Abusers Banned From Adopting Pets From County SheltersMiami-Dade County Commissioners want to make sure adopted animals are placed in safe, loving homes.
Connect To Endangered Animals One Selfie At A Time Now you can connect to some of the world's most endangered animals one selfie at a time.
Contractor Claims Bobcat Attack, Condo Owner Says It Was Her House CatA man doing work inside a Tampa woman's condo claims he was attacked by a ferocious feline he swears was a bobcat.
Cloning Now An Option For Pet OwnersCloning pets simply isn't science fiction anymore, it's reality.
Dogs & Cats Rescued In Puerto Rico Arrive In South FloridaMore than 100 dogs and cats, rescued from a shelter in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico are now in South Florida.
Shelter Animals Flown To Safety Away From Hurricane Irma's PathThe Humane Society of Broward County is making sure its shelter animals are safe during Hurricane Irma.
Time Is Running Out To Fix Your Dog For FreeTime is running out to fix your dog for free at the Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic.
Polar Bear Cub Is Killing The Internet With CutenessSocial media is falling in love with a three-month-old polar bear at Sea World Australia.
Troupe Of Monkeys Vex Florida Park, Go Viral On Social MediaThere's some monkey business going on around a state park in Florida where groups of non-native rhesus macaques are living a long a river that's popular for kayakers and tourists. 
Migrating Rays Spotted In Tampa BayA stunning sight in Tampa Bay as hundreds of rays flowed into a boat channel.
Florida Zoo Staff Hand-Raises Abandoned Baby Kangaroo An abandoned baby kangaroo is back with her mother after being hand-raised by staff at a Florida zoo. 
Caught On Video: Kangaroo Attacks Girl At ZooA complaint has been filed against Harmony Park Safari in Alabama, after a kangaroo grabbed and bit a 9-year-old girl on Saturday, an incident that was captured on video.
Artificial Womb Helps Tiny Lambs Grow, Promising For PreemiesResearchers have created an artificial womb meant to improve care for premature babies and animal testing suggests the first-of-its-kind womb might work.
Green Iguanas Spread A Concern In South FloridaGreen iguanas have become so common across South Florida that many see them not like exotic invades but as a reptile version of squirrels.
Gator Captured, Tied To A Tree In SW Miami-DadeAn alligators was spotted - tied to a tree in southwest Miami-Dade.