Expanded Hours For Gator Hunting EyedFinal approval of around-the-clock alligator hunting is set to go before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when it meets next month in Gainesville.
Giant Gator, Not The Easter Bunny, Spotted In Venice Neighborhood On Easter MorningIt wasn’t the Easter Bunny captured on video hopping through a Florida neighborhood on Sunday morning, but a very large alligator taking an early morning stroll.
Florida Man Arrested After Guns, Drugs, Live Alligator Found During Traffic StopA traffic stop in Collier County took a very 'Florida Man' turn.
Only In Florida: Alligator With Missing Foot Crosses Road, Crawls Under TruckA Florida man watched in disbelief when a determined alligator walked across a busy road in Venice and vanished underneath his truck.
Florida Man Dies After Crashing His Car Into 11-Foot GatorA Florida man has died after crashing his car into an 11-foot alligator.
SEE IT: Alligators Eat Lots Of Things, Including Other AlligatorsIt's a dog eat dog world out there, but on a Lakeland golf course recently, it was an alligator eat alligator world, literally.
Divers Search Florida Park After Human Remains Found In Gator's MouthThe Martin County Sheriff's Office conducted a search in an alligator infested canal in a Florida wilderness preserve after human remains were found in the mouth of a gator.
Alligator That Came Dangerously Close To Paddleboarder In Florida Park Killed By TrapperA nearly 12-foot alligator that swam within inches of a frightened paddleboarder at Silver Springs State Park last September has been killed.
'I Said We Might Need A Bigger Boat': North Florida Hunters Bagged Massive 12 Foot GatorA pair of hunters in north Florida waited three years for permission to try and catch a gator. They finally got it and made a massive catch on their first try.
Florida Woman Attacked By Alligator After Falling Into CanalA homeless Florida woman was rushed to the hospital on Monday morning when she fell into a canal and was attacked by an alligator.
How's This For A Photobomb? Palm Bay Cop Takes Selfie With Gator Stuck In Storm Drain“When you’re just trying to take a normal sewer selfie and you get photobombed…..(At least he smiled 😬)”