Florida Man Accused Of Forcing Alligator To Drink BeerA Treasure Coast man is accused of provoking a small alligator to bite his arm and pouring beer into its mouth.
'Golfing In Florida Is Just Different': Large Alligator Strolls By Florida GolferIn Florida, golfers play by a different set of rules. And one of the rules may or may not include ignoring giant, scary alligators.
Florida Woman Says Large Alligator Ate Her 100-Pound DogA Florida woman says an alligator ate her 100-pound dog.
Company Steps Up To Help Florida Woman Whose Home Was Damaged By An AlligatorA Clearwater woman is finally getting some much-needed help after a big gator broke into her home earlier this year.
Gator In The Gulf Caught On VideoAn American alligator was seen swimming off the shore in the Gulf around Vanderbilt Beach on Wednesday morning.
Giant Alligator Captured After It Takes Stroll Down Coral Gables SidewalkFlorida is full of alligators. It is a fact, but it is also not every day you wake up to see a very large gator sauntering down the sidewalk. But that is exactly what happened in a neighborhood near Coral Gables when the gator was spotted walking down a sidewalk in broad daylight.
Florida Woman Not Getting Insurance Coverage After 11-Foot Gator Breaks Into HomeA Florida woman was reportedly denied insurance coverage for the damages caused by an alligator that broke into her home in May.
75-Year-Old Florida Man Fights Off Alligator, Saves DogA 75-year-old Florida man says he fought off an alligator in order to save his Golden Retriever.
Florida Man's Hand, Foot Found In 12-Foot Long Gator's StomachAn investigation is underway after a man's body was found in a canal partially in the mouth of an alligator.
Massive Alligator Stops Traffic On Florida HighwayA massive alligator, more than 12-feet long, caused a temporary road closure recently in Tallahassee.
Alligator Spotted With Knife Stuck In Middle Of Its HeadThe American alligator populates nearly every swamp, lake and river (and occasional kitchen) in the southeastern US. But when Erin Weaver spotted one swimming near her Houston home, she suspected it was the one in danger.