Planning The Perfect Airboat Tour Just Got Easier At Everglades Holiday ParkPlanning the perfect airboat tour at Everglades Holiday Park just got easier.
Florida Everglades: Airboat Rides For A Once In A Lifetime ExperienceFlorida Everglades: Airboat rides are a once in a lifetime experience.
Educational Airboat Rides at Everglades Holiday ParkIn efforts to support education, Everglades Holiday Park is pleased to offer group rates to all teachers looking to plan a class trip to the park.
Everglades Holiday Park Welcomes “Sundance” To Airboat FleetWith state of the art engines, innovative design and covered passenger compartments, the airboats at Everglades Holiday Park are certainly top of the line. But when it comes to speed, handling and pure excitement, nothing beats our latest and greatest addition.
Labor Day Weekend Fun: Airboat Tours At Everglades Holiday ParkLooking for something creative to do that will entertain the whole gang as we head into Labor Day weekend? How about a day of adventure at Everglades Holiday Park?
Adventurous Field Trips: Airboat Tours At Everglades Holiday ParkField trips to Everglades Holiday Park are full of fast-paced fun, wildlife encounters and there's lots of educational value as well.
Best Labor Day Destination: Everglades Holiday Park Airboat ToursCan you believe it? Summer is almost over and that means Labor Day celebrations! If you’re more than ready to enjoy a few days off, but not sure how to spend your time, here’s a sneak peek at a day at Everglades Holiday Park, and why it’s the best Labor Day destination in South Florida!
A New Side of Florida: Airboat ToursLike many South Floridians, more than likely you’ve jumped the waves, dined at a few fancy restaurants and had your share of fantastic shopping. Florida is an amazing destination for a family vacation, a work retreat or just a day off. But there’s another side to the Sunshine State few of us have had the chance to explore, the Everglades.
The Florida Gator: Your Friend & Neighbor At Everglades Holiday ParkBeyond oranges and theme parks, there’s an even more compelling reason to love the Sunshine State: the alligators.
Beat The Heat With Refreshing Airboat Ride At Everglades Holiday ParkBeat the heat this summer and take in an adventure you’ll remember forever at Everglades Holiday Park.
Florida Fishing At Its Finest: Explore The EvergladesAvid fisherman and amateurs alike appreciate the opportunities South Florida provides. Venturing into the Sunshine State for a day of fishing is an experience unlike any other. But if you’re interested in journeying somewhere truly magnificent in search of the “big one”, you simply must consider the Everglades. No boat? No worries, Everglades Holiday Park can rent you everything you need for a day of fun in the sun, Florida fishing at its best.
Gator Kids Day: Airboat Tours For Back to School AdventuresEverglades Holiday Park is hosting "Gator Kids Day" on August 9th for a great back-to-school adventure.
Airboat Rides For A Cause: Everglades Holiday Park & Dan Marino FoundationEverglades Holiday Park is pleased to announce a partnership with the Dan Marino Foundation to help promote autism awareness and raise funds for well deserving children and young adults living with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Everglades Boat Tour GetawayWant to get away but not sure what to do or where to go? Luckily, the sunshine state isn’t lacking in the things-to-do department and finding an outdoor adventure in Florida is pretty easy. But if getting away means escaping for a few hours, then nothing satisfies quite like an airboat tour at Everglades Holiday Park.
Best Family Staycation− Airboat Rides In FloridaFlorida families don’t need to travel because the best staycation ideas are right here at home. With exciting animal encounters, adrenalin-pumping thrills and some of the most amazing scenery on earth, families of all sizes delight in taking airboat rides in Florida.