Florida Legislative Measure Blocking Teen Abortions Moves ForwardFlorida could block teenagers from getting abortions unless their parents agree, under a bill that began moving forward Tuesday in the Republican-dominated House.
Abortion Parental Consent Law For Minors Proposed In Florida SenateA Senate Republican has proposed a measure that would require minors to receive the consent of their parents or guardians before having abortions.
Florida Speaker Jose Oliva Issues Apology For Abortion 'Host Body' Comments On CBS4Incoming Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva is apologizing for comments he made about abortion while taping an interview for CBS4’s Facing South Florida with Jim DeFede.
'It's A Complex Issue': Incoming Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva On AbortionIncoming Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva talks to CBS4's Jim DeFede on several high profile issues including abortion.
Controversial Abortion Measure Emerges In Florida SenateA controversial abortion measure known as the “fetal heartbeat bill” has been filed in the Florida Senate, mirroring a bill filed last month in the House.
Hearing Set On Abortion Waiting PeriodA state appeals court will hear arguments in March about the constitutionality of a 2015 law that would require women to wait 24 hours before having abortions.
Appeals Court To Hear Abortion Waiting Period CaseThe 1st District Court of Appeal has agreed to hear arguments in a battle about the constitutionality of a 2015 state law that would require women to wait 24 hours before having abortions, according to an online docket.
Booker Releases Kavanaugh Documents But GOP Insists They Were Already ClearedNew Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker has released documents from Brett Kavanaugh's time as a White House staffer under President George W. Bush related to abortion and affirmative action.
Kavanaugh Tells Senator Roe v. Wade Is Settled LawPro-life proponents who were concerned the law may be in jeopardy may be breathing a small sigh of relief.
Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Woman's Prescription To Induce A MiscarriageA national drug store chain is taking some heat for the way one of its pharmacists treated a customer filling a prescription.
Florida House Passes Bill To Limit Type Of Abortion A bill to outlaw a type of second-trimester abortion in Florida has passed the state's House.
Judge Blocks Arkansas From Enforcing 4 Abortion RestrictionsA federal judge has blocked Arkansas from enforcing four new abortion restrictions, including a ban on a common second trimester procedure and a fetal remains law that opponents say would effectively require a partner's consent before a woman could get an abortion.
Judge Gives State More Time To Defend Abortion LawA Tallahassee judge gave Florida officials more time to present their defense of a two-year old law requiring women to wait 24 hours before receiving an abortion, but seemed skeptical that the state would convince him to keep the law on the books.
Abortion Waiting Period Goes Back To CourtA Tallahassee judge will hold a hearing Wednesday on a request by opponents of the abortion waiting period.
Lawmaker Calls For Masturbation Fines To Mock Abortion LawA Texas lawmaker is trying to make a point about legislation that restricts women's access to healthcare and abortions by proposing men get fined $100 when they masturbate.