Jessica Vallejo is a reporter originally from Miami, Florida. She comes from a Cuban family, who always instilled in her a passion to follow the American dream. Although she thought in her early years of college that she would follow in her parents’ footsteps and become a physician, it was on a mission trip that Jessica discovered her higher calling –sharing people’s stories and becoming a voice for those that were unheard.
 This is what led Jessica to Journalism.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/ Pre-med, Jessica then graduated with her Masters Degree from the University of Miami in Journalism.

She began her career as a reporter in Odessa, Texas, where she covered the US-Mexico Border in Terlingua and went live on air for continuous coverage during Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. She told the stories of rescue search missions sharing light during devastation.

A year later her passion led her to another part of the United States. This time it was New York. The city lights, culture, and most of all the abundance of stories led her to Fios 1 news, where she spent two years reporting from all different Boroughs of New York City.

Jessica reported on a host of national stories, including a helicopter crash in midtown and a power outage that hit thousands in the heart of Manhattan. She went live on breaking news stories covering ICE raids in Westchester County, the Measles outbreak in Rockland County, and multiple snowstorms. Jessica has also reported in a surge of unaccompanied children crossing the border into the NYC area and has also shared stories on the success of immigrant families.

While Jessica enjoyed her time in New York, she says, “Home is where the heart is.” Jessica is overjoyed to be back home in Miami.

When Jessica is not on television, she enjoys viewing artwork, dancing ballet, eating Cuban food and spending time with her family, her golden retriever and two huskies.

Jessica’s passion is helping others. She enjoys lending her time to numerous charities, but she truly feels fulfilled by going on mission trips in third world Countries.

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