Hurricane 2014: Surviving The Season

Hurricane 2014: Surviving The Storm


What’s the first thing you need to do to survive the season?

You’d be surprised how many people in South Florida simply don’t know the answer to that question so whether you’re a  long time resident or hurricane season-first timer, you have to plan.

CBS4 Chief Meteorologist Craig Setzer visited the home of CBS4 News Anchor Rick Folbaum and his family who have never gone through a South Florida hurricane season. They learned a few excellent storm planning tips from Craig.

In addition, it’s important you understand storm surge. While much of the discussion leading up to a hurricane’s landfall focuses on the wind speed and the size of the storm, one of the most devastating parts of the storm is the storm surge. Storm surge risk varies greatly along coastlines because each one is unique and poses its own dangers and here in South Florida it’s not different.

Understanding the risk storm surge poses to you and your home is crucial to being hurricane ready from Key West through the Broward Intracoastal. Remember, rising waters and waves are a real danger.

Find out more about Rick’s hurricane plan and storm surge in the video below:

Hurricane 2014: Surviving The Flood & Boat Owners Do’s & Don’ts

Besides the storm surge, heavy rains that accompany tropical systems often leave homeowners looking for help from any means possible. Another number one rule we live by here in South Florida is to know if you need flood insurance. And there are changes coming in Broward County.

Also, boat owners need to know the do’s and don’ts to securing your boat before a storm.

Find out more in the video below.

Hurricane 2014: Improved Forecasting Tools & Guarding Against Complacency

South Florida has been lucky in recent years to come away from most of the Atlantic hurricane seasons with little to no impact and with the 2014 hurricane season forecast to be slightly less active than normal, complacency can be an issue.

There are eight to 13 tropical storms and three to six hurricanes forecast for this season but there’s no way to tell whether any of those potential storms will strike the U.S. coastline during the six-month season.

While South Florida is uniquely prepared to deal with most of the elements a hurricane can throw at you, the lack of activity over the years could leave residents with a dangerous self-confidence that this year will be just the same as last year.

There’s also some good news in the forecasting front as the National Hurricane Center uses new high-tech forecasting tools for the first time this season.

Find out more in the video below:

Hurricane 2014: First-Time Planning

So how did the Folbaum family do with their first-time hurricane planning session with CBS4 Meteorologist Craig Setzer?

Find out more in the video below:

Hurricane 2014: Things To Remember

With the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season underway, remember you can never be too prepared for a storm. From your home to your pets to your precious heirlooms, it’s better to get things ready now than wait until it’s too late and a storm is taking aim at the area.


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