florida kidcare Guide To Florida KidCare

With about 700,000 children without insurance, Florida ranks near the top of all states in the number of uninsured children. For those in the ranks, Florida KidCare provides an affordable opportunity for parents to keep their kids insured and healthy by offering health insurance benefits to children under the age of 19. With KidCare, your child will have access to preventive care such as regular doctor’s visits, immunizations, dental and vision checkups. For those who feel lost in translation on this subject, check out our guide to see if your child is eligible.

The Basics

doctor v290 Guide To Florida KidCare
There are four different components to Florida KidCare – MediKids, Healthy Kids, Children’s Medical Services Network and Medicaid. Once you have applied, they will check which program your child may qualify for based on age and family income.Each component has it’s own eligibility requirements as listed below.

MediKids: Ages 1-4

Healthy Kids: Ages 5-18

Children’s Medical Services Network: Birth to 18 yrs who have special needs.

Medicaid: Birth to 18 yrs  (Even if your child has other health insurance)

Who is Eligible?

Florida KidCare is only for children under the age of 19. In order to qualify for premium assistance, a child must be:
-Be uninsured
-Meet income eligibility requirements
-Be a U.S. citizen or qualified non-citizen
-Not be eligible for Medicaid
-Not be the dependent of a state employee eligible for health insurance
-Not be in a public institution

If you are not eligible for premium assistance, you can also buy MediKids or Healthy Kids which are part of Florida KidCare at the “full pay” premium rate.

How To Apply

With a more streamlined application process, applying is easy and accessible. There are several ways to apply for Florida KidCare. First timers have to apply online, print out and application or fill it out in person. Those interested have to apply on a yearly basis.

In Person- Go to your local Department of Children and Families customer service center and fill out a form in person.

Online- Click here to apply online.

By HandClick Here to print an application. Once finished send it to Florida KidCare, P.O. Box 980, Tallahassee, FL 32302-0980 .

By Phone-If you have already applied before, call 1-888-540-5437 to update your information.

What’s Covered?

Florida KidCare covers checkups to transplants. Some of the services covered include:
-Doctor visits
-Check-ups and shots
-Hospital visits
-Vision and hearing
-Mental Health

For more details on what is covered, Click Here.

money cash 1059059 Guide To Florida KidCare

How Much Does This Cost?

There is no charge for KidCare Medicaid. For those in the other three programs, monthly premiums depend on the applicant’s household size and income. The majority of the families involved in the other KidCare programs may pay premiums that range from $15 to $196 a month depending on their eligibility.

Payment Options

For those who have a monthly premium, payments are due on the 1st of the month, 30 days in advance of the coverage month. There are various ways to pay; online, by phone and by mail. For 24/7 service its preferable to pay online or by phone. You can also make payments from your checking or savings account.

Online–  In order to pay online make sure you have the 10 digit family account number and the zip code of the Healthy Kids or KidCare account.You can find the family account number on most correspondence issued by Healthy Kids and KidCare, as well as the participant’s coupon book.  To pay online Click Here.

By Phone– To pay by phone call 1-800-821-KIDS (5437) and select the prompt to “make an automated payment.”

By Mail- Write your family account number on your check and money order. Send your payment with your check or money order to Florida KidCare at PO Box 31105, Tampa, FL 33631-3105.

For more information on payment options Click Here.

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