Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With Miami Beach Mayor Dan GelberOn Sunday’s edition of Facing, Jim DeFede and Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber focused on COVID.
Facing South Florida: Canadian Town Of Gander Opens Doors, Hearts To Strangers After 9/11Jim DeFede talks to Oz Fudge, who was the town Constable in Gander on 9/11 and to Roxanne Loper, who was a guest of the town.
Facing South Florida: Democratic State Senator Lauren Book On Texas-Style Anti-Abortion LawRepublican lawmakers in Florida have already signaled they will introduce their own Texas-style anti-abortion bill in the coming weeks. The person expected to lead the charge in Tallahassee to block the bill is Democratic State Senator Lauren Book.
Facing South Florida: Medical Care On Cruise ShipsThis special edition of Facing South Florida focused on an investigation of the health care provided by cruise lines for passengers.
Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With Annette TaddeoTaddeo currently represents District 40, which encompasses Kendall and the surrounding areas of southern Miami-Dade County.
Facing South Florida: COVID Mask Mandate ControversyJim DeFede devoted the entire half hour to the escalating controversy surrounding mask mandates in our schools.
Facing South Florida: 1-On-1 With Debbie Wasserman SchultzJim DeFede and the congresswoman delved into a variety of topics.
Facing South Florida: COVID Mask Mandate ControversyBroward and other school districts are pushing back against the governor’s executive order prohibiting mandatory mask wearing.
Facing South Florida: Miami Beach Police BrutalityJim DeFede and his guests, two prominent community activists, discussed the disturbing video and the need for more to be done in the case.
Facing South Florida: COVID Summer SurgeJim DeFede spoke with Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, who has pleaded with the governor to take politics out of the COVID discussion.
Facing South Florida: School Masks MandatesJim DeFede spoke with Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.
Facing South Florida: ‘The Kings Of Miami’Filmmaker Billy Corben discussed his new six-part documentary for Netflix called “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami.”
Facing South Florida: Cuba’s Unrest ContinuesRosa Maria Paya, a Cuban activist, spoke with Jim DeFede about what is taking place on the island.
Facing South Florida: COVID Concerns in South FloridaJim DeFede devoted the entire half hour to rising COVID concern here over the rapidly spreading delta variant.
Facing South Florida: Cracking Down On Gun ViolenceJim DeFede says in the days before the Cuba crisis and the Surfside building collapse, a big story making headlines in South Florida was the wave of mass shootings and deadly gun violence.