Focus On South Florida: The Turtle HospitalThis week, we take you inside the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, where some special people are saving one of Florida’s most precious creatures.
Focus On South Florida: Debunking The Fear Of FAFSAFor high school seniors and their parents, this can be a very stressful time of year.
Focus On South Florida: Hate Crimes in FloridaThe war against hate crimes has gained new urgency in the past few years, and Florida is a major battleground.
Facing South Florida: School SafetyA state grand jury last week issued an 18-page report showing that many of the new laws enacted after the Parkland shooting have not been carried out.
Facing South Florida: Cuba DeportationsThis year, more than twice as many Cubans have been sent back to the island where they face an uncertain future.
Facing South Florida: Impeachment InquiryJim DeFede discusses the latest developments in the Trump impeachment inquiry with former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy CooperJim DeFede sits down with the newly-reinstated mayor of Hallandale Beach, who had been removed from her position in January 2018 by then-Gov. Rick Scott the day after her arrest.
Facing South Florida: Enhanced Interrogation In The War On TerrorCBS4’s Rudabeh Shahbazi talked with Philip Mudd about how the CIA evolved into a war-fighting intel service after the September 11 attacks.
Focus On South Florida: Miami Heart GalleryCBS4's Rudabeh Shahbazi went one-on-one with Sandra Camacho of The Children’s Trust.
Focus On South Florida: Little Dreams FoundationCBS4's Rudabeh Shahbazi chatted with Little Dreamers vocal coach Betty Wright and Little Dreamer Camila Pocovi about the opportunities the nonprofit organization provides.
Focus On South Florida: Feeding South FloridaCBS4's Rudabeh Shahbazi sat down with Paco Velez, president and CEO of Feeding South Florida, to discuss the organization's mission to end hunger in South Florida.