Acting Chief Of Staff: Trump ‘Knows People Think It Looks Lousy’ To Host G7 At Doral ResortIn a rare backtrack, President Donald Trump announced he will no longer hold the 2020 G7 meeting at his Doral golf resort in Florida.
Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings Dies At 68Elijah Cummings passed away at Johns Hopkins Hospital at 2:45 a.m. from "complications concerning longstanding health challenges," his office said.
Brief Court Appearance For Man Accused In Probe Of Giuliani AssociatesDavid Correia, accused of conspiring with associates of Rudy Giuliani to make illegal campaign contributions, made a brief court appearance Wednesday after turning himself in.
Indicted Giuliani Associates In Pictures With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis At Election PartyThere are new photos making the rounds showing Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two Soviet-born Florida businessmen arrested on charges of funneling foreign cash into U.S. elections, at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ election night victory party in Orlando last year.
Florida Considers Forcing Collection Of Tax From Online SalesA bill moving through the state's Senate which would require online sellers to collect sales tax from Floridians and submit it to the state has cleared another hurdle.
Florida GOP Lawmakers Focus On Climate ChangeFlorida lawmakers Monday dug into issues involving climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, phrases mostly kept under wraps by state Republican leaders before last year’s elections.
NY Times: Violent Fake Video Of Trump Shooting Media & Critics Shown At Trump Resort In DoralA violent and disturbing video of a fake President Donald Trump shooting, assaulting and stabbing his critics and the media was played at a conference held by a pro-Trump group at his Miami resort last week, according to footage obtained by The New York Times.
Florida Democratic Leaders Say Members Energized Despite No Candidate In SightFlorida Democratic leaders said grassroots party members are energized despite not having a presidential candidate in sight.
Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz Demands End To President Trump Impeachment InquiryFlorida Congressman Matt Gaetz is demanding an end to the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Arrest Of Rudy Giuliani's Florida Associates Snare 'Congressman 1'Two South Florida businessmen are accused of lobbying a U.S. congressman in 2018 for help in ousting the American ambassador to Ukraine while around the same time they committed to raising money for the lawmaker.
Two South Florida Businessmen Linked To Giuliani Arrested On Campaign Finance ChargesTwo South Florida businessmen who helped in Rudy Giuliani's efforts to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, and were donors to a pro-Trump fundraising committee, have been arrested on charges of violating campaign finance rules.
Rep. Dan Daley Discusses ‘Jamie’s Law’ Which Calls For Background Checks On People Buying AmmoTwo South Florida lawmakers have introduced a bill in the state House and the Senate that calls for background checks on people buying ammunition.
Lawyers: ‘Multiple Whistleblowers’ Emerge In Trump-Ukraine CaseThe attorneys representing the whistleblower who filed a complaint about President Trump's dealings with Ukraine said they are representing "multiple whistleblowers" in connection to the case, including one with "first hand knowledge" of events.
'Not A Real Request,' Florida Senator Marco Rubio On Trump's China-Biden PleaSaying it was “not a real request,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio dismissed President Trump’s call for China to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and refused to say whether he thought it was appropriate for the President to ask an authoritarian regime to investigate a political rival.
President Trump Addresses Healthcare Agenda During Central Florida Visit, Signs Executive OrderPresident Donald Trump visited the Sunshine State Thursday afternoon to talk about his administration’s healthcare agenda and to sign an executive order related to “improving the Medicare program in the United States."