Study: Permanent Hair Dye, Chemical Straighteners May Increase Breast Cancer RiskWomen who use permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who don't use these products, according to a study released on Tuesday.
Smart Phone App Helps Lung Transplant Patients Check In From HomeA new, innovative program is helping lung transplant patients do most of their monitoring after surgery from the comfort of their home. Doctors say the program has big benefits.
World AIDS Day: Miami Leads Nation In New HIV And AIDS CasesAn alarming statistic about Miami on World AIDS Day.
Americans Weigh More This Decade, But Fewer Adults Want To Lose WeightAmericans weigh more this decade than they did last decade, but fewer adults say they want to lose weight.
Health Alert: Florida Hepatitis A Cases Top 3,100Florida had 47 newly reported hepatitis A cases last week, bringing the total this year to 3,125.
Doctors Warn Against At-Home Botox InjectionsAs people continue to search for the "Fountain of Youth," medical procedures designed to refresh and rejuvenate your face are gaining even more popularity.
CBS4's Frances Wang Brings Awareness To Skin Condition In Order To Help OthersIt’s not often television news anchors become the story, but after developing a skin condition called perioral dermatitis earlier this year and hiding it for months, CBS4’s Frances Wang decided to share what was happening on social media hoping to spread awareness.
Keep The Repellent Close: Dengue-Carrying Mosquitoes Staying Home For The HolidaysWhile snowbirds fly south for the winter, mosquitoes do not. The pesky critters are staying home for the holidays, so those who are planning on spending time outdoors enjoying the cooler weather should wear mosquito repellent.
Road Trip Germs And How To Avoid The Grossness During Your Holiday TravelsTraveling for the holidays? If so, are you prepared to battle the traffic as well as the germs?
Salad Product Recall Over E. coli Bacteria Impacts Florida, 21 Other StatesThousands of pounds of salad products are being recalled in Florida and 21 other states due to a possible E. coli contamination.
Get Paid To Stay Off Opioids With New AppOpioid overdoses kill more than 130 people every day in the US. And as healthcare providers and scientists search for solutions to save lives - a Boston *tech* company is being recognized for a new app that provides financial incentives to users who stay off drugs.
Miami Beach Teen Says Vaping Landed Him In The Hospital With Collapsed LungThe number of e-cigarette and vaping-related lung injuries continues to climb with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 2,172 cases so far in 49 states, including Florida.
New Study: HPV Vaccine Is Safe For Kids In Preventing Certain CancersDoctors hope a new study gives parents more reassurance that the human papillomavirus vaccine is safe. Only about half of today's adolescents are completing the HPV vaccine, which can prevent cervical and head and neck cancers.
New Vaccine Could Make Cat Allergies A Thing Of The PastCat allergies could soon be a thing of the past.
Retired FDA Adviser Regrets Voting To Approve LASIK SurgeryAn estimated 20 million Americans have undergone LASIK eye surgery to correct nearsightedness and improve distance vision. Surveys show high patient satisfaction, but some patients say the minimally-invasive surgery ruined their eyesight.