Hepatitis A Hitting Florida HardHepatitis A is striking Florida in a more deadly fashion than in other states, and the situation is getting so bad that Florida is offering free socks and bus passes to encourage homeless people to get vaccinated.
Broward Mosquito Control Sprays Larvicide After Locally Transmitted Case Of DengueBroward Mosquito Control is going door to door in parts of South Broward getting the word out about a locally transmitted case of dengue.
Research Looks At Possible Health Impacts Related To Flavored Vaping ProductsNew research is looking at the possible health impacts related to using flavored products.
Vape Shop Owner: Ban On Flavored Products Would ‘Shut Us Down’If the Trump Administration goes through with a ban on all flavored vaping products, a Fort Lauderdale vape shop owner believes his business would go up in smoke.
Study Finds IUD Use Decreased Risk Of Ovarian Cancer By As Much As 32 PercentNew research has found that women who use IUDs for birth control may be lowering their ovarian cancer risk.
Hyundai Hope On Wheels Awards $300,000 Grant To Sylvester For Pediatric Cancer ResearchSeptember is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Tuesday, Hyundai Hope on Wheels presented the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center with a $300,000 grant to help fund research to find a cure for childhood cancer.
Study: Daytime Naps Could Help Lower Risk Of Cardiovascular ProblemsNappers unite! A new study has found that daytime snoozes may be good for the heart.
Vaping-Linked Lung Problems Surface In FloridaThe Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida told The News Service of Florida on Monday that state health officials have “received several potential reports of illness” linked to vaping.
Study Reveals Massive Spike In High Blood Pressure Among Pregnant WomenNew research reveals a big increase in high blood pressure among pregnant women. The condition can pose a major health risk for both mom and baby.
Tips For Parents To Communicate With Tweens And Teens About The Dangers Of VapingAs two more deaths linked to vaping were confirmed on Friday, parents might be wondering what steps they can take to protect their teens and tweens from the possible dangers of vaping products.
Psychiatrist Shares How To Deal With Storm Stress In This Tech-Driven AgeIf you find yourself suffering from hurricane fatigue, Dr. Dan Bober has plenty of tips and techniques to get your mental health back in check.
Health Officials Urging Public To Stop Using E-Cigs After Several Vaping-Linked DeathsHealth officials are urging the public to stop using e-cigarettes as they continue to investigate an outbreak of respiratory illnesses and deaths linked to vaping.
'It's Very Scary': Teen Says Vaping Put Her In A ComaA Utah teenager who says vaping landed her in a medically-induced coma is sharing her story as reports of breathing illnesses linked to e-cigarettes or other vaping products rise across the nation.
Researchers Developing Program For Diagnosing Cancer In Just Three HoursResearchers at the University of Notre Dame have received $2.9 million to develop a new diagnostic platform that could diagnose cancer in as little as three hours by using only one or two drops of blood.
More Than 80 New Hepatitis A Cases Reported In Florida Last WeekFlorida’s hepatitis A outbreak continues, with 2,349 cases reported this year and 82 cases reported just last week.