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WEB EXTRA: Kids To Park DaySaturday, May 21st, is Kids to Park Day, a national day of outdoor play. Research shows playing outdoors can improve children's physical and mental health.
WEB EXTRA: Police Block Traffic To Help Bear Cross Road In UtahWATCH: Police officers blocked traffic on this road in Utah so a bear could safely cross on Tuesday (5/17). The Ephraim City Police said an officer "followed the bear to the east mountains making sure it made it safe and sound."
WEB EXTRA: Study Predicts Climate Change Will Increase Wildfire RiskStudy Predicts Climate Change Will Increase Wildfire Risk
WEB EXTRA: Miami-Dade Police Update On Haulover Inlet Bridge Plane CrashMiami-Dade Police Update On Haulover Inlet Bridge Plane Crash
SEE IT: Plane Crash On Haulover Inlet BridgeA small plane crashed into the Haulover Inlet Bridge, six people were hurt.
WEB EXTRA: Fishermen Mistakenly Reel In 400 Pound Stingray In CambodiaThese fishermen got quite a shock when they mistakenly reeled in a 400-pound stingray while fishing in the Mekong River in Cambodia. The stingray had swallowed a smaller fish that had already taken the bait.
WEB EXTRA: Astronomers Release First Image Of Supermassive Black Hole In Center Of GalaxyBLACKHOLE: Here's a look at Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole that astronomers say is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The National Science Foundation released the first image of the black hole on Thursday (5/12) and said it is "four million times more massive than our Sun."
WEB EXTRA: UK Study Shows Most Pet Owners Don't Spot Signs Of Depression, Anxiety In Their DogsPET ANXIETY: Research shows having a dog around can improve a person's well-being. But a new study from the UK shows most pet owners don't spot signs of depression or anxiety in their furry friends.
WEB EXTRA: House Collapses Into Water Off North Carolina CoastWATCH: This beach home collapsed into the water on the North Carolina coast on Tuesday (5/10). The Cape Hatteras National Seashore said the unoccupied house was the second collapse of the day.