WEST PALM BEACH (CBSMiami) – The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season gets underway in less than a month and officials from agencies across the state have gathered in Palm Beach County to discuss being storm ready.

The Governor’s Hurricane Conference is the largest of its kind in the nation for hurricane preparedness and planning. It’s taking place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

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In attendance are more than 1600 emergency managers and personnel, first responders, state, federal, volunteer agency, business, and industry representatives, along with health and medical professionals from around the state and nation.

During the week, there are dozens of training sessions and workshops. Wednesday’s speakers included Ken Graham, Director of the National Hurricane Center, and Kevin Guthrie, the Director of Florida’s Department of Emergency Management. He said cooperation is the key to recovery in the Sunshine State.

“As we talk about communicate, collaborate, coordinate, it falls together with stronger together. That’s got to start first at the FEMA, state, local level and we’re already seeing that partnership,” said Guthrie.

This year’s theme at the conference is “Stronger Together.”

The conference is about developing important partnerships when it comes to hurricane preparedness and recovery.

Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Deanne Criswell said the focus for them this year is supporting Florida in creating a standardized way for individual counties to submit their requests for assistance following a disaster. This is in an effort to bring down some of the burden and timing issues once those requests gets to the federal level.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how that helps to create a more efficient reimbursement of the costs that have been incurred by a disaster,” said Criswell. “If it works really well here in Florida we want to take it nationwide.”

Another concern at the conference is getting people ready for the season.

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As inflation remains high, concerns are brewing that some folks are not getting ready for hurricane season.

“It’s a problem – especially for those already struggling and have these things they have to prepare for,” said resident Sabrina Yates.

Yates is saving her money to combat inflation and to make sure she’s prepared.

“Do like I do, just put a little bit of money on the side, because you live in Florida,” she said.

Emergency management officials are concerned about how rising costs could affect preparedness.

“People are struggling with supply chain issues and even paycheck issues living paycheck to paycheck because of inflation,” said Guthrie.

They said despite immediate monetary concerns, preparing for the season is still possible.

“Buy a little bit now, little bit next week and make it cheaper each week than buying in bulk and you don’t do that during the hurricane because that’s the rush,” said Graham.

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The conference will wrap up on Friday.