By Ashley Dyer

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – More women are speaking out about a man known as the “Brickell groper.” Emmanuel Bradley, 43, is facing multiple charges for running up to women and grabbing them. While he remains in jail, there’s another man on the loose wanted for a disturbing interaction.

“I just felt a grab. A grope. Almost like a caress, it was really gross,” said Tara Faenza of Brickell

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“I hear him start screaming, ‘Hey hey hey’ over and over and as we begin to cross paths, he grabs my chest. Out of nowhere,” recalled Ashleigh Gilberto of her unwanted run in with Bradley.

“He reached out and grabbed after me and said, ‘Come here pinky’ because I was wearing hot pink,” explained another woman.

These women all told CBS4’s Ashley Dyer he takes advantage at the right moments and moves quickly, which is why many of them didn’t file reports.

“What is key is that people are starting to come forward. If someone unwantedly touches you it is definitely a crime,” explained officer Kenia Fallat with Miami Police.

The majority of victims said they had their hands full when Bradley reached out to grab them. They were carrying groceries, walking dogs, and one woman was pushing a stroller.

“I wonder how many more people passed by me that he went and grabbed after?” said one woman.

Groping isn’t the only problem lately in Brickell.

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“All of a sudden, I hear someone honking at me and I’m thinking what am I doing wrong?  I’m at a red light,” said Mary Gomez of Brickell.

That’s when she turned and saw a man in a Tesla, masturbating.

“He was just exhibiting himself to everyone,” she said. “He had every intention of getting me to look over at him.”

She immediately took a picture of his license plate and filed a report. Police tell us they’ve received several complaints about the same guy.

“He was in a suit, he was in a Tesla,” explained Gomez.

In both cases, women posted on Facebook in a group called “Brickell Living,” warning others about these men and where they typically hang out.

“Without that group and those ladies speaking out I would have no idea,” said Faenza.

“We’re all banding together to try and bring awareness amongst ourselves you know be careful,” explained Gomez.

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CBS4 News asked police if they’ll be sending more patrols to the area, but they say Brickell is already heavily patrolled.