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MIAMI (CBSMiami)  – Snapping the perfect selfie has never been easier, as the popularity of selfie museums explodes in the United States and around the world.

In a world where likes and followers are a social currency, selfie museums, like the “Youseum” in Stockholm, Sweden, are cashing in on the concept.

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“It’s an interactive museum where you create the art you want to see,” said Youseum manager Sofia Makiniem.

Visitors to the Youseum can capture themselves in a pool of candy-colored foam, or strike a pose in an “emoji room.”

“You can take cool pictures and create cool content for like your Instagram, or your Facebook,” Makiniem said, “or if you do TikTok, it’s the perfect place to do TikToks.”

High school student Chaymae Ouahchi and her friends are hooked.

“It’s so cute here! Oh my god, it’s so cute!”

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The interactive idea is generating likes around the world.

Hollywood’s Museum of Selfies opened a few years ago.

Now, other big cities in the U.S. are catering to social media influencers.

70-year-old Bill Burgwinkle is embracing the trend with his teenage niece.

“I think that’s the way the world is now,” he said.

Dozens of selfie museums are popping up across the United States, from California to Colorado to Kansas to New York.

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For a selfie generation where the image is everything, creating the coolest content wins. Team