By Lisa Cilli

VENICE (CBSMiami) – A Florida man watched in disbelief when a determined alligator walked across a busy road in Venice and vanished underneath his truck.

“We got a stray hog,” said Daniel Kaufman, who was at a red light in his truck on April 7, and recorded the monster sized gator with a missing foot, crossing the road.

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“Look at this beast. It’s like a 10-footer,” said Kaufman while recording the reptile. “Holy cow. What’s up, bro?

Suddenly, the gator disappears underneath his truck, and he felt the vehicle move.

“You go under my truck? And he’s going under my truck. It’s official. He is under the truck. Just move my truck– are you kidding me?” said Kaufman while the gator gets under his vehicle.

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Co-existing with alligators is part of life in Florida, especially during mating season which is here now. It’s when alligators are much more active and often lead to more frequent run-in with humans. FWC reminds the public that alligators  should be left alone. State law prohibits killing, harassing, or possessing alligators except under permit. You should never remove one from its natural habitat.