MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Four adults were arrested on Tuesday following an incident at Miami Central High School.

According to Miami-Dade County Public School officials, the adults, none of them students, attempted to enter the campus at 1781 NW 95 Street to fight with students.

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The school district said no weapons were found.

A student provided CBS News Miami video. It shows fists flying, hair pulling as more fights rage on while others try to break them up. “I saw one outside the cafeteria and another one near the gym,” one student said.

“There was fights,” recalled another student. “It was people bleeding. I think it was people not from this school. There was girls on the floor,” she said.

“During first lunch there was a fight broke out in front of us,” another student recounted. “Like, two people fighting. Everybody jumping in and coming around. People were trying to hold them back. It was crazy, to be honest.”

“They jumped, the adults jumped my cousin,” said a woman who was waiting outside for her son. “They jumped her for whatever reason.”

That woman said she’s worried about, what she called, a lack of safety protocol.

“They don’t have no kind of structure here,” she said. “This is supposed to be a place where you can send your kids and they can be safe. The kids are not safe if y’all are just letting random kids and random adults come in here and jump on kids. It’s not safe.”

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Girls who were getting in a car and leaving school told us, “They attacked us.”

According to Miami Dade Schools, four adults came onto campus, here to fight with students. They were taken into custody.

“How does an adult just get into the school to jump on kids in school? You a grown woman,” said nearby resident Renee Griffin. “In fact it was four grown women they brought out here in handcuffs for jumping on school kids,” she said.

This woman told CBS4, as one of the women was being led away in cuffs another mother punched her.

“Two grown-ups was coming out that had jumped on the kid. So, the lady like, ‘why you jumping on my kid?’ She don’t even go to school. So, the lady like, ‘you done hit my kid!’ So, she just stuck her, pow,” she said, making a punching motion. “Then they arrested her,” she said.

While the students said the fights definitely caused quite the scene, some were not surprised.

“Violence is kind of a thing at school now,” a student told us. “It does concern me.”

We asked Miami-Dade Schools how those adults were able to get on campus and what their motive was.

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They told CBS4 they’re still investigating.

Ted Scouten