MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Dozens of North Miami Beach families are without a place to call home Tuesday afternoon.

People living at the Bayview 60 Homes apartment building were forced out of their homes unexpectedly on Monday when engineers uncovered major structural issues.

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All morning, it was a race against the clock.

About 60 families rushed to gather their things after engineers ordered a mandatory evacuation.

“They said you have until tomorrow at 2 p.m. to vacate your unit and the premises for everybody,” said Austin Harper, who was forced to evacuate.

At 2 p.m. Tuesday, the building was condemned, and everyone was forced out.

“Still stressed out. Went back earlier this morning to get some stuff out from the apartment,” said Sebastian Rojas. “They actually have the limit at 2 p.m. After 2, can’t go back and take any more stuff out.”

For residents who haven’t been able to get all their essentials out, getting back in is by appointment only now.

“Even the smallest things you don’t think about having to bring with you – soap, toothbrush, your shampoo,” Rojas said. “Stuff like that you have to worry about bringing, making sure you have all the stuff you need.”

Rojas is now calling for more transparency because he doesn’t believe this came out of nowhere.

“It’s more safety issues. How they let this go on for so long without bringing it to anyone’s attention is the biggest part for me. They know how many people live there, how many will be affected, and they still let this go on,” Rojas said. “It was so urgent, from one day to another, and this hasn’t been going on for a week or days. This is years of structural damage that’s been going.”

Now, dozens of people are scrambling to find new housing in a market that’s at an all-time high.

“Here’s my new house. I’m just kidding. This is my storage where I’m going to keep all my belongings for a while until I find a new place to stay,” said Jorge Saivay as he shows us his storage unit.

On Monday, he had a home. Tuesday, he packed up his life into boxes and moved it into this storage unit. He has lived in the building for 10 years and says it’s likely been unsafe for much longer than the owner will admit.

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“We were told there were some structural issues with the building like two years ago, so they’ve been trying to fix the building,” he explained.

CBS4 asked people packing up trucks and U-Hauls where they’re heading.

For some, it’s a friend’s home. For others, a family member. But some say they don’t know where they’ll go.

“It’s hell. It’s crazy and the craziest thing is the building manager moved three days ago. He knew what was going on and he didn’t advise anyone else,” explained Giovanni.

Saivay said he and his family will likely have to pay double for an apartment that’s the same size.

The City of North Miami Beach released a statement, which in part read:

“The City of North Miami Beach will give the property owner two to three months to decide what she plans to do with the building: Repair or demolish.” If the owner doesn’t come up with a plan, the building will likely be demolished.

“It is what it is,” he said.

From Friday to Tuesday, families will be allowed back inside the building again to pick up larger items like furniture.

Each floor will be on a schedule.

After Tuesday, April 12th, the building will be vacant. We asked the engineer who ordered the evacuation, what’s wrong with the building. They didn’t want to comment.

Bayview 60 Homes released the following statement to CBS4:

“Over the past few years, Bayview 60 Homes moved forward with planned safety upgrades, major renovations, and routine maintenance to the property. As part of this work, the company hired a structural engineering firm to assess the integrity of the building. Upon being notified the building may be structurally unsound, the company notified the city and asked residents to evacuate to ensure their safety.

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“This is a heartbreaking situation, but the safety of residents is the company’s highest priority. Bayview 60 Homes is returning all security deposits and returning April and any prepaid rent to all residents. Bayview 60 Homes has also offered to provide certain financial assistance to help cover lodging costs for the next few days. We will also do everything we can to help residents retrieve their belongings during this incredibly stressful time. We are very grateful to the city and for everyone’s cooperation in helping us protect the safety of our community.”