By Peter D'Oench

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Beleaguered homeowners say a plan that was implemented to slow speeders who cause crashes by a traffic circle in their neighborhood has backfired.

They had originally appealed to the county for help in May after a series of accidents. Homeowners showed CBS4’s Peter D’Oench video and photos of some of the six crashes at his home in the past 2 years right next to the traffic circle.

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One video shows an SUV screeching and crashing after going too fast. Another video shows one person racing towards the Circle.

Benna said, “They have hit the tree right next to my home and I install a Boulder after they went through this home causing $20,000 in damage. A bomb goes off every time a car hits near my home. It shakes my home and I have a newborn baby.”

Sixteen sets of rumble strips were installed in early December by a traffic circle at S.W. 62nd Ave. and 48th St. They were installed on all sides to alert drivers to possible hazards and when vehicles drive over those rumble strips, you can feel the vibrations.

But homeowners said that the constant noise from vehicles driving over the rumble sticks keeps them awake at night and they say they are ineffective.

They shared a video with CBS4 of vehicles making loud noises as they drive over the rumble sticks and one homeowner has posted his video on Twitter and on social media.

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Victor Pedroso said, “It is affecting the residents’ ability to sleep and have peace of mind and they are having health issues as well. We would like to see the immediate removal of the rumble strips and speed humps placed there instead.”

Homeowner Robert Vos said, “We are concerned 24-7. It keeps me up at night and we can not sleep. My blood pressure has gone up 20 points. If you want to slow down drivers put in speed humps.”

Lydia Juarrero said, “Even in our back bedroom you can hear it constantly and we can not sleep at night. I also think we should remove them and replace them with speed humps.”

Nearby Mary Helen Campbell said she has lived in the neighborhood for 25 years.

“I can not sleep in my bed. I have moved to a back bedroom and I still hear it. Speed strips should never be used in a residential area due to the fact it is a noise nuisance.”

Miami-Dade Commissioner Raquel Regalado said, “We have been working on lights to make the Circle more visible. A flashing light system would take more than a year to install and be over $147,000. But we are working with Public works to light the Circle. We warned residents that this would be a temporary fix as we try to prevent accidents from people falling asleep and maybe they have been drinking. So rumble strips do work and we want to see if they are helpful. We actually could remove them but then there would be nothing in their place until the lights are done and that is going to take several months.”

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Regalado said, “There is not a lot that can be done immediately. A flashing light system would take a long time and be expensive so there is no quick fix. Speed humps are being considered and is under review as a new option. These are all works in progress and we are trying to do out best. Consider that sometimes measures work and sometimes they do not. I can say that I don’t know that the rumble strips have been there long enough.”

Peter D'Oench