By Austin Carter

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A South Florida father and son made history as they launched into space this past weekend aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

But their trip has a whole lot of meaning beyond just going out of this world.

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“Being able to do this together, with my son, I think is a special feeling we’ll have and quite frankly our relationship has changed forever, for the better,” says Lane Bess.

On Saturday, Lane and Cameron Bess saw the earth from dozens of miles above the surface.

“Initially, you get that feeling like you do in an airplane, you’re seeing the horizon, but then you’re realizing its getting smaller and smaller and you’re not leveling off, and you’re seeing the dark skies of space come up on you as the land disappears,” says Bess.

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Aside from making history as the first father and son to travel to space together, Lane says the journey was not about the notoriety – it was about the connection between him and his son and recouping lost time.

“During my heavy working years, I didn’t have that opportunity and I think I made up for 15 years in the space of a 10-minute flight,” says Bess.

The flight also packed an important mission close to the heart for Cameron – inspiring others in his community.

“We were coming back from the landing and there was a line of people representing the LGBTQ community within blue origin that wanted us to stop and he got out and took pictures, thy were carrying a flag,” says Bess.

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This was the third space tourism launch from Blue Origin, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.