By Dave Warren

Miami (CBSMiami) — It will be warm and muggy this weekend but it may not be quite as foggy as it was Thursday and Friday morning.

Light wind and plenty of moisture set the stage for fog to develop each morning. (CBSMiami)

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Conditions were perfect for wide-spread fog over the past two mornings. Warm and humid air, a clear sky, light breeze, and long December nights. They all came together so that by the time you woke up, dense fog that developed over the interior had worked its way to the east coast metro areas.

A stronger ocean breeze will keep us warm but limit fog development this weekend. (CBSMiami)

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The warm and humid conditions will still be here this weekend but thanks to a stronger breeze, fog may not be as widespread.

It will take longer for the wind to become calm here on the east coast.

Fog that does develop will typically be confined to the gulf coast and have a tougher time pushing east across the peninsula.

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Without the fog expect temperatures to warm up even quicker in the morning, but the nice ocean breeze will cool things off in the afternoon and evening.

Dave Warren