By Joel Waldman

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – “I hate that (expletive).” We can’t tell you what Aurora Wonder said, but you can probably tell how fired up this 80-year-old animal lover is, as she was furious at her neighbor across the lake.

“He’s been on my (expletive) all the time and I knew that he was going to do something.”

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And, finally, on Tuesday, Wonder told CBS4 something drastic did happen to 25 Grey Lag geese living on this placid lake in Miramar’s SilverLakes when this Pest Wildlife Pro truck pulled up.

“Oh no, don’t worry about we’re going to take them to a park. And they’ll be fine. But they put them in boxes and killed them all!” said Wonder.

It has been a bit of a wild goose chase trying to figure out exactly what went down.

“All of them were my life.”

Aurora Wonder claims the neighbor complained to the homeowner’s association, who then called out Rolando Calzadilla, who specializes in wildlife nuisance removal.

He claimed he only drugged the birds to move them elsewhere when this unexpectedly happened.

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“They were spooked by a car that drove by. It made a lot of noise. So, they flew to the other side of the lake. Since sedated, fell in the water and fell asleep,” said Rolando Calzadilla, from Pest Wildfire Pro.

“I don’t believe that story at all,” said the neighbor.

Neighbors said the 25 geese were intentionally killed.

“I cried. I went and sat in my car and cried,” said one neighbor.

SilverLakes Community Association declined to comment, but we found out Miramar is considered a bird sanctuary making it a serious foul to kill wild fowl.

Leading us to wonder what might happen if Aurora ever crosses paths with the neighbor. She said all her feathery friends, except Romeo, killed.

“I think she can keep her calm, but we’ll all be around. If she gets fired up, we’ll be right behind her back,” said Wonder.

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Wonder and her friends are not taking this lightly. She says they’re going to hold a a peaceful demonstration at Huntington park at noon.