MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar were among several members of Congress who gathered Tuesday to speak out on the ongoing issues in Cuba.

The group called on President Biden and his administration to discourage other nations from working with the Cuban government.

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They also called on the administration and tech companies to enable internet to the country during rolling internet blackouts.

“I hope this administration will use the power and the influence we have at every international forum to ask countries around the world, ‘How can you continue to align with this?’ ‘How can you support this regime, this government and its actions?’” Rubio said.

The demands from the group come after the Cuban government denied a permit for a planned protest this month in the country.

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“As I stand here today, the Cuban people are crying for freedom. Yesterday, as you know, the whole world watched as hundreds of Cuban dissidents were silenced by the regime,” said Salazar. “A few weeks ago Cuba brave freedom fighters planned to go back to the streets and shout ‘libertad,’ or ‘liberty’ once again. They encountered threats, kidnappings and abuse. And yesterday, when the time came, they were muzzled once again.”

There are reports that the leader of the protest movement has been placed under house arrest, despite a lack of charges against him.

“Yunior Garcia, the brave leader of this movement, for example, is under siege in his own home for days. They have covered his windows with enormous flags to cloak him in darkness and put him back into submission,” explained Salazar.

Over the summer, thousands of Cubans took to the streets for the largest protest in the country in about 60 years.

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“For six decades, 62 years, this murderous regime has put a stranglehold on the Cuban people. But now the Cubans are saying ‘enough.’ That’s why every opposition leader right now is under arrest,” Salazar said. “And dozens and dozens of teenagers who dared on July 11 to demand liberty on the streets of Havana are condemned to rot in a Cuban prison just for screaming ‘liberty.’” Team