MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Members of South Florida’s Republican congressional delegation are joining members of the European Parliament in calling for change in Cuba.

Delegation members spoke out in Washington, D.C. while members of Parliament from Italy and Spain were in Miami for a news conference.

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In Washington, D.C. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar said, “The Cuban people are crying for freedom and we watched yesterday at Cuban dissidents were silenced by the regime. For six decades, 62 years this murderous regime has put a stranglehold on the Cuban people but now the people are saying enough.

“I call once again for this administration to work with technology and provide internet to Cuba. There are no excuses.”

Sen. Marco Rubio said, “I hope this administration will use the power and influence of this government to ask countries around the world how can you continue to align with this? How can you continue to support this regime and this government and its actions.”

Rep. Mario Diaz Balart said, “It’s about time for the Biden Administration to use the full force of its diplomatic force and start shaming and pressuring countries that help the regime that imprisons people. We are asking this President to stand on the right side and stand up for principle.”

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In Miami, Maria Herrera of the VOX political party from Spain said, “We need to stand together and denounce this amended agreement that forgave in 2015 $8.5 billion of the $11 billion that Cuba owed some creditors to some nations that are part of the violation of human rights. We are here to make a point that we will not tolerate more violations of the rights of our brothers in Cuba.”

Herman Tertsch of the European Parliament who is also from Spain said, “The head of the snake is in Cuba. I think the head of the state is falling apart and may have to help it to do so.”

Victor Gonzalez of the European Parliament who is from Spain said, “Cuba has a criminal regime and does not deserve that and does not deserve to have money that is given to it by the Spanish people.”

Carlo Fidanza of the European Parliament who is from Italy said, “Your fight is still alive and it is something you have to do. You have to recover your faith and your mother country.”

Orlando Gutierrez of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance called on the U.S. and other countries to stop indirectly supporting Cuba by financing the Paris Club.

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He told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “The Paris Club is a consortium of mostly Western European countries that also include the United States and this consortium is helping those countries who are in debt pay its own debt but they are also financing the communist regime in Cuba.”

Peter D'Oench