By Jessica Vallejo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Sunday’s South Florida rallies in support of the Cuban people come as those on the communist island prepare to take the to the streets for the first time since demonstrations back in July.

The Cuban government arrested hundreds of people following those July protests.

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Afterwards, the government officials claimed the Cuban people had a legal right to protest peacefully.

That will be the case on Monday, November 15, as the Cuban people will once again take to the streets, demanding freedom and democracy.

Videos obtained by CBS4 News on social media show a caravan, belonging to the Cuban government, protesting against those that are opposed to the government.

This video shows a man shouting liberty before later being kicked out by people.

“Tomorrow, I know that the regime right now is actually attempting against many of them. They are going into their homes. They are actually getting them and pulling them out of their homes,” said Mariela Gimenez, a Cuban activist.

Gimenez, who has been in contact with a few on the island, says Yunior Garcia, an important leaders of the 15N movement, was arrested multiple times during July’s protest.

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Garcia has since been forced to barricade inside his home for walking down Havana and telling the Cuban people, to not be afraid.

Images from social media show a Cuban flag was placed by the Cuban military to block his window. But earlier Sunday he stuck his hand out holding a white rose, the movement’s symbol for friendship and peace.

“His house right now they are surrounded. So basically, we are here supporting him. They are still going to come out even though the police said if you come out we will repress against you,” said Gimenez.

On Sunday, at Versailles, Jimenez stood with the many that protested for the Cuban people.

Hundreds also gathered earlier at Bayfront Park and on boats, in hopes of putting an end to the six-plus decades of communism.

Ivette Domingez, who has family on the island, says she is praying.

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“Right now, everyone is scared. From everyone that we know that has the most visibility, they may not be able to go out tomorrow because they have the police just watching them outside,” she said.

Jessica Vallejo