PARKLAND (CBSMiami) – In an exclusive, CBS4 takes you inside the deposition of former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Israel was deposed as part of the criminal case against Scot Peterson, the resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when the 2018 mass shooting occurred.

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Attorney Mark Eiglarsh released just under six minutes of what he said was a four-hour deposition with Israel and he adds what Israel said proves Peterson did nothing illegal.

Eiglarsh and Peterson held a press conference to discuss the deposition, saying what came out in the proceeding proves Peterson did nothing illegal.

“Fictional. I wish I had a better word for you other than fictional,” Israel told CBS4’s Bobeth Yates when asked what he thought of Wednesday’s press conference held by Eiglarsh and Peterson.

Watch Scot Peterson’s Press Conference In Its Entirety:


“There’s no way in hell I would sit there and allow those kids to die with me being next to another building and sitting there. No way,” said Peterson.

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Peterson is awaiting trial on charges of child neglect. Prosecutors say he didn’t enter the building to confront the shooter. But during the press conference, Peterson and his attorney said he wasn’t hiding, but instead taking cover from what he thought was sniper fire.

“I feel for those families, those kids that were shot, the kids that were injured the ones that were killed. And, they don’t know the truth of what happened on that day,” added Peterson.

Peterson and Eiglarsh allege the truth came out during a four-hour deposition with Israel, which they say exonerates Peterson.

“He admits that the evidence is equally consistent with my client believing that there was a sniper at the time,” said Eiglarsh, referring to Israel’s deposition.

A claim Israel disputes.

“Everyone wants to blame someone for what have you. Scot Peterson chose a course of inaction that day, whether its criminal or not I have no idea but he has to own his action,” he said.

Israel adds he cannot comment on what was going through Peterson’s mind, whether he knew the shooter was in the building or if he thought he was under sniper fire. He does say his statements prior to the deposition, during the deposition and after have all been consistent.

“The truth is the truth. The truth doesn’t need a leaning post. And everything I’ve said nothing has changed and to say something came out in the deposition that exonerated Mr. Peterson, he’s certainly entitled to his own opinion, but he’s never entitled to his own set of facts. And, my presumption is it just didn’t happen the way he’s trying to portray it,” added Israel.

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Peterson and his attorney say they plan to use Israel’s deposition during Peterson’s criminal trail. No trial date has been set yet.