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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Barney, a 28-year-old silverback Lowland Gorilla, has made a full recovery after undergoing a medical exam on Tuesday, as part of a preventative medicine program at Zoo Miami.

In addition to the normal procedures which included blood collection, x-rays, and a general physical, the 385-pound great ape was also examined by specialists with specific attention to respiratory and cardiac concerns.

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According to Zoo Miami Communications Director Ron Magill, Barney has had a lingering cough so he was also examined by a human pulmonologist who performed a bronchoscopy to see if anything unusual could be identified within Barney’s bronchi and lungs. Initial indications are that Barney may be suffering from pneumonia.  Cultures were taken and the Animal Health team is awaiting those results for confirmation.

A veterinary cardiologist also performed an ultrasound examination of Barney’s heart.

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GALLERY: Barney’s Medical Exam in pictures

Adult male gorillas have been known to suffer from hypertension and heart disease for which Barney is receiving treatment.  This exam was to assess his current condition to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.  Though his blood pressure was normal, the cardiologist did find he had a slightly enlarged heart but felt that it was within normal limits for a gorilla of his age.

Barney also received his rabies and tetanus vaccines as well as a tuberculosis test.

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Following the completion of the exams, Barney returned to his habitat and has since made a full recovery. Team