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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — They’re back. Lovebugs. The name sounds cute, but the bizarre insects are anything but when they bombard your car on the highway or when they get in your hair or crawl all over your body.

The prolific pests are always around, but are at the worst during two specific mating seasons. Once in the Spring, from April to May and then again in late summer, August to September.

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Lovebugs love Florida because of its warm, humid climate.

They’re most active between 10am and 6pm. They mate in flight for hours, with one bug flying forward, the other backward.

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They don’t bite and are harmless, except to your vehicle’s paint job if not washed off quickly.

Did you know if you have love bug guts dripping down your car, you can use a dryer sheet to wipe the bug residue off.

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