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FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A 12-year old girl accused of making threats against her middle school, and her parents, were present Tuesday for a virtual hearing before a judge.

The girl, along with two 12-year-old boys, all students at Silver Trail Middle School, are accused of making the threats during a Snapchat conversation last Sunday. While Pembroke Pines did not release the exact wording, they did say the middle schoolers talked about wanting to bring a gun to school and “shoot up” the sixth grade.

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According to the court record, someone sent the girl a private message about the seriousness of threat messages and she took the conversation down after a couple of minutes.

After locating the students and their families, Pembroke Pines Police and the school district’s investigative unit determined there was no ongoing threat.

All three students have been charged with a second-degree felony for making a written threat to do bodily harm or commit an act of terrorism. The girl is facing an additional second-degree felony for conspiracy to commit a criminal offense.

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During the hearing, a representative from the Broward school district said the girl did not have any previous bad behavior concerns and got good grades. There were no issues with school attendance. The girl has been suspended for 10 days with expulsion recommend.

The prosecutor asked the judge that she be placed in secure detention for 21 days and conditions of release include no contact with witnesses or her co-defendants. They also requested that she have no access to social media and have no internet access unless for school purposes.

Since the girl had no previous problems, had gotten good grades, and will have the support of her family, the judge ordered that she undergo a physiological evaluation before her release. She is to have no contact with the school, no access to social media or internet access, unless for school purposes.

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On her release, she must have extensive supervision and must wear an ankle monitor. Team