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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – People have been drinking whiskey for centuries, but one distillery has found another use for it.

Scottish whiskey giant Glenfiddich is now running its delivery trucks on waste generated during the whiskey-making process.

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“Using the gas to power our trucks is a real first and it is something that Glenfiddich has been able to bring together,” said Stuart Watts, distilleries director at William Grant & Sons Stuart Watts.

Researchers in Edinburgh came up with the concept of using whiskey residue to power vehicles.

“In the production of whiskey, less than 10% of what comes out of the distillery is actually the primary product,” said Celtic Renewables Founder Martin Tangney.

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The rest is known as draff. The spent barley grains and leftover liquid combine to create an eco-friendly biofuel.

Site leader for William Grant & Sons Kirsty Dagnan said, “we now have vehicles that we can use to transport our goods and our spirits around the country that comes from a renewable source and is ultra-low carbon.”

Glenfiddich said bio-gas cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 95%, so it’s working to convert its entire fleet.

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The Scotch Whiskey Association hopes other distillers will start using biofuels in their trucks too.  They’ve set a net-zero target across the industry by 2040. Team