By Austin Carter

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Safety concerns are reigniting in South Beach’s entertainment district after this week’s shooting of an innocent father on Ocean Drive.

Crime has been an issue plaguing the area and some are hoping that the latest tragedy will be a catalyst for action.

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“It’s horrific, it’s very sad, but not unpredictable,” said Mitch Novick.

Novick owns the Sherbrooke Hotel where the doors have been closed for over a year.

He said it’s going to remain that way until major safety issues are tackled.

“They need to address the entertainment zoning, which provides for a carnival like circus on the street,” said Novick.

Police said 22-year-old Tamarius Blair Davis shot and killed 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield, who was sitting with his family on Ocean Drive near 14 Street Tuesday evening.

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The suspect reportedly told police he felt empowered to shoot two people at random after getting high on mushrooms.

The calls for change have persisted on Miami Beach since a wild spring break this year, and after other violence that has happened since.

On Thursday, Mayor Dan Gelber said Miami Beach cannot sustain an entertainment district.

“Our entertainment district attracts too many people including too many looking to fight or buy drugs or carry guns and too often using them,” said Gelber.

The mayor said measures have been taken including increasing the size of the police force, and quick delivery of surveillance cameras and license plate readers.

The mayor also announcing that he has asked the city manager and chief of police to present a plan to the commission to increase police visibility despite staffing issues due to COVID-19 and while trying to bring on new officers.

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“We need to replace this area with a mixed-use area that includes more residential living, boutique office and galleries, fostering a true live work play environment,” said Gelber.