FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – A 2-year-old boy died after being pulled from the water under a Fort Lauderdale bridge.

Fort Lauderdale police said Tuesday night officers were sent to the area of 719 SW 4th Court after getting word that the boy, Cormel Bullock, was missing.

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Officers looked for the toddler and found him in the water under the bridge at SW 7th Avenue and the New River, near 450 Cooley Avenue.

Bullock was pulled out of the water and the officers immediately began CPR. He was taken to the Broward Health Medical Center where he died.

The boy’s grandmother, Deborah Titus, is heartbroken.

“He was only two years old,” she said. “This is my first grandchild and I love that little boy. That was the best time of my day, spending time with my grandson.”

Surveillance video shows him walking into the park at the Cooley’s Landing Marina around 9 p.m. After making his way over a curb, he headed toward some ducks at the water’s edge. After sitting on a pier for a little while, he fell into the river.

“I’m in a daze right now. I’m hoping someone will bring him, will walk him through that door,” said Titus.

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Titus said she, Cormel, and his mother live together. She said his mom was at work and the two were home together.

“He got out of the house. I went to the restroom, then come to get him to take him to bed and I didn’t know he knew how to unlock the door,” said Titus.

She said she began to look for him and asked anyone who could hear her to help. When she couldn’t find him she ran home and called 911. The police arrived a short time later. About an hour after Bullock went into the water, someone made the horrible discovery.

“I heard screaming and what not. That screaming, it’s unmistakable. It’s somebody drowning,” said Jay Lyke.

Lyke lives on a boat just steps from where it happened. He knew the moment the child was found. Nichelle Gordon was there too. Even a day later, it’s hard for her to talk about.

“I could feel the pain emitting from her body. And it’s just a sight no mother should ever have to see,” she said

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For the family grieving that little boy, it’s a pain that’s unbearable. Team