By Jessica Vallejo

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The lack of full FDA approval had been cited by many as their reason for not getting a COVID vaccine.

President Joe Biden hopes Pfizer’s vaccine getting the nod will finally get them to do it.

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If they don’t, the president hopes employers will start requiring the vaccine. But can they really?

The Pentagon already announced it will require members of the military to get the vaccine.

In New York City, public school teachers and staffers must do so as well.

“Delta Airlines was waiting for the approval before they required vaccination for their employees. You will see more employers requiring the vaccine,” said labor and employment attorney Dana Gallup.

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Gallup says enforcing the vaccine in Florida may be more complicated.

“It is more complicated here in the state of Florida because the governor has and the legislature just passed a law or an executive order that you are not as a business allowed to for proof of vaccination of your customer or patron,” Gallup said.

If employers are going to require the vaccine in Florida, Gallup advises “you will need to have a policy. They will need to allow for exemptions for medical conditions or for religious beliefs. So they should check with their employment law attorney.”

Gallup said there could be lawsuits coming soon because an employer is allowed to fire an employee who refuses to comply with their policy.

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“Let’s be clear on this, the employer can require a vaccination,” said Gallup. “And if the employee refuses, and there is no exception applied, then the employer is within its rights to terminate employment.”

Jessica Vallejo