By Marybel Rodriguez

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Rebekah and Sarah Perpignand are all set to head back to school for in person education.

They’re among the thousands of students who have not been back to school in person since the start of the pandemic.

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CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez asked them how long it had been since they last saw their friends and they said “a long time.”

It has been 18 months to be exact.

“It was certainly challenging in order to keep up with certain things, like Zoom, because sometimes it wouldn’t work,”  said their mother Jennifer Perpignand.

Although the technical issues were out of her hands, Jennifer Perpignad tried doing everything possible to keep things under control. She converted her family room into a classroom with desks for each girl, they each had their own computers and school supplies. There was even a rolling cart with labeled folders to have them handy when needed.

Rebekah, 7, and Sarah, 6, will be stepping out of their comfort zone and back into the classroom in just a few days.

Rebekah said she did not like to see her class and teacher in front of a computer because she wanted to be there with them and have fun.

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The girls said going back to school will be an exciting time, their mother, however, admits to mixed emotions.

“We are excited but also a little nervous. I try to engrave in them what they need to do when they’re around other kids. My kids have been here at home for almost 18 months not touching any germs,” said Perpignand.

Although she is nervous, she believes it is the right thing to do.

“They are at an age where they need to be around other kids, they need to be exposed and react to other things and also I am not a certified teacher,” said Perpignand.

This 2021-2022 school year will be fully in person, no hybrid or virtual options will be available.

This school year will be full-time in-person learning. For those students who choose not to return there are several options,including Broward Virtual School, Miami Dade Online Academy, and Florida Virtual School.

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However, parents must first apply and if their child gets accepted they must withdraw from their school.

Marybel Rodriguez