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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As this pro-democracy supporter pummels his pan with an ice cream scooper, the feelings among the protestors are anything but sweet.

“We’re angry, we want our freedom and want to free our people,” said a demonstrator.

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After more than 60 years of tyranny, these protestors now say they’ll take matters into their own hands, if need be.

“If USA won’t stand up, we will stand up for each other,” said one protester.

“We can take boats, guns, we can defend ourselves. Let us go ourselves.”

It’s something CBS4 asked the man in charge of law and order in the City of Miami, who also happens to be Cuban-born.

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Chief Art Acevedo said, “This is not about me. People watching family members die… had enough of it.”

One night four of these demonstrations, a noticeably stepped-up police presence with this mobile police tower in place and Miami police keeping watch from the rooftops down below. Mounted horses on the ready, along with the Miami felony apprehension team also around for good measure.

Some protestors questioning their vote in the latest presidential election.

“Biden sitting in the White House doing nothing. I voted for him. What was the point of putting him in office?”

Much more popular, a slew of Cuban entertainers, from Yonki Cantante and El Chulo, to Gente de Zona. All showing up to show their support for a country that could use as much of it, as it can get.

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“We haven’t had a protest this big here or in Cuba. What we need,” said a demonstrator. Team