MIAMI (CBSMiami) – When facing stress, people will sometimes forget to help.

Individuals and families impacted by the collapse at Champlain Towers South, along with first responders conducting the search and rescue operation, don’t have to worry about where they’ll get their next meal.

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An outpouring of donations and support for those facing the darkest time of their lives has been one of the only bright spots in this tragedy.

Monica Majors, with World Central Kitchen, said they’ve been serving up hot meals to families and first responders.

“There’s well over 400 fire rescue personnel here. Yesterday we finished with 850 hot meals,” she said. “We’re just using the power of food to uplift the community.”

This is no doubt a community that needs uplifting. World Central Kitchen is one of many organizations providing comfort and strength in the form of food for both rescuers and many of the victims’ families at the reunification center in the Grand Beach Hotel, at 9449 Collins Avenue.

“We act with a sense of urgency because when people are hungry it simply can’t wait. So what we were able to do is activate really quickly with the assistance of the Miami Heat, all the restaurants in Surfside, Miami Beach, Ms. Cheezious,” she said.

Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches were on the menu Monday for those who had been in and out of the rubble trying to pull off a miracle.

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“It’s good to be able to help in any capacity at this point. There’s a tragedy here, the community has to be able to come in any way we can,” said Brian Mullins with Ms. Cheezious.

The desire to give has been so great that several churches and synagogues say they simply can’t take in any more water or clothing. After touring the operations area for some of the first responders, Governor Ron DeSantis said he was struck by the enormous generosity he saw in Surfside.

“When you have these terrible tragedies, you do see goodness in people, they rally to try to support for people who are hurting,” he said. “The people who were involved in arranging this said stop sending stuff because it was so overwhelming, so we’ve diverted a lot of people to charities and those charities have raised millions of dollars now,” he said.

“Everyone wants to do something,” said Katy Meagher with Neighbors 4 Neighbors.

Meagher and the organization are no strangers to helping victims who’ve suffered a tragedy. She said even though it might feel impersonal, cash is the best way to help those devastated by the catastrophic building collapse.

“Money is always the best thing to do because gift cards can be provided for the families so they can then go to the store,” she said. “Every little bit counts, whether you have five dollars or $500.

If you wnat to make a donation, call Neighbors 4 Neighbors at (305) 597-4404 or go to

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Neighbors 4 Neighbors is just one of the many groups that will be here for the long haul. Same thing with the food vendors who said they will be there until the end. Team