By Mike Cugno

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker signed a 3-year extension and says the $39 million deal helps him inch closer to realizing a dream of becoming a Dolphin for his entire career.

“What up Dolphins Fans, it’s your boy aka Mister found his Momma. It’s me!”

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‘Mister found his Momma.’ Just found a brand new bank account.

“That meant everything for me, my family. The city of Cleveland. The Miami Dolphins. It meant everything to me. It’s surely a dream come true. Now it’s time to get to work,” said Baker.

Before he signed, he wanted to make sure his family was present. So he got on the phone.

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“I wish we were there. You are! It’s a great feeling, Yes, it is. Tell everybody I said hi!”

Mom and dad now on a video call as it was time to put pen to paper as a family.

“It was my mom and my dad. They were at Sam’s Club at that particular time,” I call them and just wanted them to know I would be there and see me do it. It was a great moment for my family.”

Just one question, did Baker offer to pay for that trip to the grocery store that he interrupted? No.

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Baker, as he mentioned that new deal was big for his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, because now he can do even more with his foundation, ‘Expand the Land.’